..Marriage, a thing of honour. Sunnyville greetings: Part Two

Bonjour guys!!

Hope you are all well. Been a bit down with the cold so I apologise for the delay. I have a couple more interviews which I will get across asap 🙂

So today, I bring you guys part 2 of my post – La Wedding!
So on Saturday, Ifeoma got married! Soooo excited beyond words mehn! I wish you guys all the best! ❤❤❤❤

Pictures below.

So, while coming for the wedding was my primary reason, I did use it as an opportunity to do some work and get some books. But oh my, oh my.

There are many things I take for granted back home. The first, my accessibility to books. I got to Nigeria thinking banking law books would not be a difficult task but unfortunately, it was. I literally had to go to several book shops (and there arent many btw..) just to get one or two banking law books. And then when I did, they were verrrrry expensive. 

The shop were I got most of my books was one under the Federal High Court, Abuja. I wish I was able to take a picture but it would have been strange explaining why to the shop owner. Anyhow,  minding my business..as I do, that was how a customer came in and started asking me all sorts of random questions:

* Am I a new wig?*
* Am I opening a chambers nearby?*
* You are not from around here..?* ( not sure if this was a question of statement of fact LOL..)
* What exactly do you want these books for?*

Sigh. I don’t even know where to end as the list of questions goes on. However, to avoid being rude, I explained what I needed them for. I think a part of me even thought it may be helpful to speak up as he may have an idea of where I could get them. Evidently, he wanted my number so he could  take me out for a drink. Sigh, these Nigerian men.

Eventually I got a set of Banking and Financial Law Reports, (vol 1-8 i think) as well as about 7 other books. And..I then had to pay excess luggage at the airport. Sigh. I just cant..my head..my account balance!

I have some advice for anyone thinking of going  “back” to Nigeria. Nigeria is a place where there are several several opportunities. However, it is fundamental that you keep three things in mind:

1. Many big organisations are still operating on this ‘Man -Know -Man’ principle. Which means to get into a large institution, you have to know someone who knows someones sister’s uncle’s nephew married to his sister in law’s husband. Sigh.

2. This means for most well paid jobs you need more than academic capabilities and merit. Lol be prepared to kiss ass! Not literally LOL.

3. Even if it’s a holiday..come prepared with money. That place will suck ya dry!

So…Thats it for today. Brief and short (for a change!) I’m compensating with many pictures below.

Have a great one folks, stay winning and stay beautiful! Xx


Don’t watch the ‘compressed’ view LOL. Wonderbra for the wise!
Also – I ate quite a bit on holiday so no judging my belly please, thanks.


Maidens that look HOT! Disagree in your compounds please.


A few bridal train folk







LOL. Apart from the John Grisham of course. I stole that from my friend 💋

Fols ✌

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