…Sushi Saturdays!

Zdravo! That is “Hello” in Crotia! Yes, my readers in Croatia, I see you all!  ❤❤ First and Foremost… I wanna say a biiiig happy birthday to two favourite ladies, Bunmi and Funmi!! LOL, I literally only just noticed that their names rhyme. Trust Fola to be the odd one out. ANYWAYYY..! It has been … More …Sushi Saturdays!

…The Halfway Mark.

Hiii guys!!! Happy Thanksgiving Sunday. If you went to Church, I hope you went dressed to shame the devil!! ✌✌ Sooo anyway. I can’t believe we are in June already! It feels so strange that we were saying Happy New Year just a few months ago. Its also a reminder that time flies…and quickly. Today’s … More …The Halfway Mark.