…The Story So far

Hi Everyone! I know, I know. I have not blogged in over a year. Actually,  I just had a quick look again I it has actually been TWO YEARS!!!! I have a legitimate reasons for this, I promise. And I also promise to blog more often LOL, especially since I have gotten word that people actually … More …The Story So far

..Post IBA Syndrome

Moien! Thank you to my readers in Luxembourg – I am very very thankful to all of you! Let me get my Congratulations out of the way first..wedding fever!! 1. Toun and Ebenzer – congrats on your wedding – I wish you guys the very best😙😙😙 2. Bisi and Peter – MEEEEGGA excited! This Saturday, … More ..Post IBA Syndrome

..Who are you after your PhD: Qualification Vs. Identity : Part One

Selamat Petang! That’s Hello in Brunei  Durussalam! Hi guys, thank you for reading!!!!! * Big Kisses!* So onto today’s post.: Mini Disclaimer. You might want to get a tub of Ben and Jerry’s/ A cup of tea.. Todays post is inspired by three particular things. First, it was a tweet I read by Dr Humphrey, (follow him … More ..Who are you after your PhD: Qualification Vs. Identity : Part One

…The Halfway Mark.

Hiii guys!!! Happy Thanksgiving Sunday. If you went to Church, I hope you went dressed to shame the devil!! ✌✌ Sooo anyway. I can’t believe we are in June already! It feels so strange that we were saying Happy New Year just a few months ago. Its also a reminder that time flies…and quickly. Today’s … More …The Halfway Mark.