..Your PhD is Almost Off The Feeding Bottle

Hi guys!!

Happy New Month. Can’t believe 2015 is over already!

So I still have a few more interviews to go, but I figured I hadn’t personally posted anything for a while. How are you all doing? Thank you for ALL your emails that I have received of recent. I hope you have found the advice (those who asked..) useful. 💋💋

I want to use this opportunity to give a quick shout out to Dr Afolabi…myyyyyy guuuuy! I call him something else but I hardly think it’s appropriate for this platform LOL.  Him and Dr Dipo Awojide are graduating on Monday – I’ll do a post on that.

Today’s post is going to be very short and sweet. I’m going to give you all a quick review of where I am at with the PhD process.

So at present, I am writing my fifth chapter. But before I get into that, I am not sure if I mentioned that I haven’t had a supervisor for the last few months. If I havent, now you know LOL. This is because my then supervisor left to another university. Siiigh! :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(
I must say that I am extremely happy for him though. It’s an overdue promotion for which he completely deserves. The guy is a legal genius!

In any case, I have a new one who I met with last week for the first time. I can safely say I am in safe hands. I was sceptical at first, obviously being a new supervisor. But honestly, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

From the very first meeting, I could tell he is someone that will stretch my analytical mind completely and make me think about how to strengthen the arguments in my thesis. We had another meeting this week, and I have realised that he is sooo clued up that I have to bring my A- game harder at every meeting. Sigh.

So yes, going back to my earlier story. I am writing my fifth chapter at present and I can tell you, its been a challenge. Oh my goodness! Again, if there is anyone else in this process..I can only tell you to keep on at it. You’ve made it this far….your PhD is almost off the feeding bottle!! 💋🍼🍼

As I am sure alot of Doctoral Resarchers will say, there is always a “trying period”. I’m not sure if I can say that I have entered this, but I can say that not having supervision made it a bit challenging. It’s not as though your supervisor will tell you what to write exactly,  but it helps to have him/her there.

I think that for anyone who ever has to go through this, the main advice I would give is to try and get your chapters together. I know its hard without supervision, but honestly, try. Write your main points, collect your arguments together, gather your thoughts…do the damn thing.  As I said, its almost off the feeding bottle – almost!

Sooo in a nutshell! Stick with it..I promise, it will be worth it. 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

Enclosing a picture..For your perusal. This is what Nigeria does to your skin yo! 😍😍


Fols ✌

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