Mentorship.. An Essential Tool in the Toolbox


Hi All!

Firstly, happy new month, happy new year, happy new everything!

I know. I have been absent for so LONG! I apologise – I have been trying to round up my work and I can tell you now, I am almost done 🙂

So…You guys remember me telling you I had something planned and I was bursting to tell you?? (I still have something else planned, but this is part one LOL. Anyway I digress.) I am sure you guys also know how passionate I am about mentoring – particularly as I think my last few posts have hovered around that area. Honestly, its because I really do believe that people underestimate the power of mentorship!

Anyway, less digression. Today, we have launched the Mentorship Direct mentoring programme!! It is a FREEEEEEEEEEE service which is aimed at university students.

How does it work?

The Mentorship Direct programme is an e-mentoring programme. This means you connect with your mentor online via email. The programme is an opportunity for potential mentees to get mentored in their chosen career path. We are currently focusing on Law and Science degrees. With time, we will branch out into other sectors.

Step One:

The first step is to register on the website. You’ll be asked to fill in a short form and a member of the tem will get back to you within 48 hours.

Step Two:

A member of the team will be in touch and work with you to identify a suitable mentor.

Step Three:

Once a suitable mentor gas been identified, we will send out our partnership agreement, and the Mentorship Direct handbook to get you started on your journey. You will be set up with an email address to connect with your mentor and that’s it, you are all ready to go!

The mentors at Mentorship Direct have been specifically picked out as people who can empower, enlighten and encourage. As I have said previously, I truly believe people underestimate the power of good mentorship. We aren’t here to hold your hands, but we are here to give you the support you need in terms of crucial career choices. Mentorship can be such a vital tool to help you take your first steps into the world.

Plus, who better to learn from that someone who has actually been there, and done that – Plus, its FREE!!! 🙂

So, please visit the site, recommend a friend, a sister, a brother, your cousins, your frienemies, recommend them all!

Connect with us:

Twitter: @MentorshipD



Hope you guys like it!