…The Story So far

Hi Everyone!

I know, I know. I have not blogged in over a year. Actually,  I just had a quick look again I it has actually been TWO YEARS!!!! I have a legitimate reasons for this, I promise. And I also promise to blog more often LOL, especially since I have gotten word that people actually enjoy reading my posts! Anyway… this is just a quick update on my progress so far! My subsequent posts will of course, be of more interest -:)

So as you may know (if you follow me on twitter – @afollypeperempe) I have finally graduated! That three years of You can officially call me Dr Folashade Peperempe Adeyemo!!! Eat that! I was so overwhelmed that day, but what made the day stand out even more for me was the fact that my mum, my sister and my cousin made it! What particularly made my day however, was the actual video recording of me graduating that Mr Komo sent me. 😍😍:)

Anyway, let me fill in the gaps since my last post. I launched my Mentorship Direct website which offers free mentorship to students who are studying either law or a science related degree. I have plans to expand on this next year and include other subjects. More on that soon. In the meantime, ensure you visit – http://www.Mentorshipdirect.com.

In addition to the above, I have also launched a food business – http://www.Peperempefoods.com. We specialise in Nigeria food and cater to all types of events, Weddings, Engagements – the whole shebang! We also have a bachelors corner, so all my single guys (and actually ladies, since we are screaming for equality…)  – hollllaa!

What else, what else? Oh yes. So, I had three interviews – (one particular one went  poorly.. More on that in another post!!) and I am pleased to announce that you are looking at one of the newest law lecturers at the University of Reading! I’m mega excited –  I can’t even begin to contain the excitement! I was obviously waiting to start before I blogged but yes, there you have it! I started a few days ago and honestly, although there is no teaching as of yet, (Oct start), I feel like its’s home! The staff are amazing 🙂

I have been working on my article at the moment – hopefully I will be done with it soon so I can move on with life!

Anyway, I have included a picture for your perusal below (as usual…) Enjoy! Till my next post (which I promise will be sooooooooon!!)