..Laptop Woes(Part 2) and your ‘Networth’.

Hi guys!

Happy New Month.😙

As I am sure you’re aware – I have been mega mega busy. The last few weeks particularly.. oh my days! Thank goodness for a good support network. Let me gist you…

So last week, my laptop broke. Again. Literally died on me and I need to get a new one. The worst part? All my stuff is on there. I mean everything!

Articles I was working on, my drafts for my thesis, lecture material – the whole shebang. And before you lecture me, I did back up..But not everything and at the very least, not a lot of the new stuff I was working on. Anyhow – looking to get a new laptop as dwelling on it evidently won’t fix anything.

So laptop drama aside, I have been on my thesis (like I have been on Ben &Jerry’s) and that’s a lot believe me! Few months to go! The PhD is not only almost off the feeding bottle, heck, it’s almost off its diapers😭✌.

Last night, I got talking to someone via LinkedIn and we eventually moved on to skype. She (Yes guys, a woman!) shares almost exactly the same interests as me and she is from a very similar background, professionally. It was soooooooo refreshing to actually talk to someone, a fellow woman, who is determined to make her mark on the world without the fear of “jealousy” or “competition”. It was just a mature conversation, between two like minded women, which I know will lead to something great! Amazing feeling☺

The last few weeks have also  been extremely draining in itself and I tell you, without the support that I have had – it would have been almost impossible. If there is one thing I have learned particularly, it’s the importance of surrounding yourself with encouraging tongues. I tell you – it is sooo fundamental. Surround yourself with those who will encourage you to do better and become better.

I have unfortunately had the opportunity to be around some very nasty girls of recent. There is one particular girl still ‘forming’ friendship with me after she did did something very very hurtful. We are both ‘pretending’ I don’t know but she’s been caught out. I just don’t have the time or energy to confront her..so hey. Anyway, I digress. Surround yourself with encouraging tongues yo!!

Anyhow. Back to the grind!

Stay beautiful and most importantly, stay winning!😙😙😙😙


Fols ✌