..Greetings From Sunnyville: Part One

E ka ro!!

Greetings everyone. Trust you are all well?

So.. I’m writing this post in the back seat of an Abuja taxi driver. That’s right folks..I’m Abj bound 💋😍

Oh my days! These drivers are crazy yo. There’s like no regard for speed signs or to stay in your lane. I havent been to Abj since my call to bar..which was about two years ago. So..I have decided to do a mini three (or maybe four) part series to gist you all about my time here.

So. From checking in to the plane to landing.

Terminal 5 can induce an impulsive spender to reach breaking point. Dear Lord. It really takes courage to ignore the pretty bags in the windows and remember your bank account balance. Thus, i opted for a bag, perfume and then some.

Whaaat. It was duty free mehn. Judge me later!!

So while I was on the plane, baby boy and I were doing our usual videocalling convos. I’m so glad we did. I sat next to a couple who were forever doing some love me die nonsense, the entire flight. Boys and Girls if you can avoid sitting next to people who have ‘Public Display of Affection’ tendencies, please try. And if you are those couples who have those tendencies..please get a room. Or better still, upgrade to First Class. Thanks.

My main reason for coming to Nigeria was for my friend’s wedding, Ify. We planned a surprise hen night for her which went really well. See pictures below. While I am here however, I thought it best to seize the opportunity to get some books for my research (which i desperately need LOL) and to do my other banking business.

I’ll discuss the book search and my banking experience in my next post. In the meantime, some pictures for your entertainment!








Fols ✌

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