…Dress Shenanigans and Dinning for 10.

Hi guys!!

Happy New Month…I trust you’re all well and taking my eating healthy advice on board from my last post LOL. Do as I say,not as I do..I still had fish yesterday at 805 (more on this later)so healthy eating starts tomorrow for me!

So two weeks ago, my friend invited me to this whatsapp group – “Black and Beautiful”. Basically, it’s a group of women from different walks of life and I admit, since joining, I have loved every minute of the discussions.

Initially I wasn’t sure what to make of it as I had never been part of such a group. But these women – they are totally different. They encourage each other, every step of the way. Encouragement with God and encouragement with life. They talk about everything and anything. Last night, a lady said this guy took her on a date….to McDonalds. This is a grown woman by the way. He said all the shops were “closed”. Obviously she discharged him sharply. What nonsense. I once went on a date and the guy had the nerve to say:

Babes I have paid my share of the bill…

For a minute I was like huh? Rule #1, always carry your  vex money* with you everywhere you go ladies. I’m all up for going dutch on meals but when you are the one actively persuing me for a date, I agree and you say that? I said sure no p. Let me get cash from the machine – I don’t like using my card at resturants. Carried my purse and legged it. What nonsense! No idea if he paid after waiting for my return or if he washed bowls at the end of the night lol.

Anyway,  Friday’s topic was obviously this blue/black or white/gold dress. So today’s post will be a bit about this and my experience at 805, Hendon Branch.


Now. Obviously this dress above is blue and black. I mean OBVIOUSLY. Look,  I was soooo convinced, I could bet anything on it. Until I saw this:


Then I got DuroMega Confused. Literally. I mean really – how can these two dresses be the same thing? 😠😠😠.

So anyway, the dress that you see is apparently reflection of your mood and state of mind. So if you see what I saw above, blue and black – sorry, you’re clearly depressed or unhappy. Although I am doing return to sender on that topic. (IN JESUS NAME…) And if you see what I think I see now then you’re happy.com 🙂 Stay with me – look at the White and Gold dress yo!
I have concluded that the  best approach to this dress is this :


I cannot shout! My eyes do not deceive me when I see multi colours in this dress. I even see Red and Green. Please, I see it all!!

So onto today’s musings.

As I mentioned ealier, this group I joined – I absolutely love. I suggested my Come dine with me idea to them and they loved it. Hopefully, we will start soon. Last night., we all met up at 805 resturant in Hendon. Amazing place in terms of setting.  You cam see alot of thought went into that. They have a branch in South East London which I go to occasionally and they have a branch in Abuja. The Abuja one is just 😍😍😍😍😍!! I almost always seem to order Monica Fish when I go tho. On this trip, I had no complaints about the fish. Although I asked for Tilapia not Croaker but thats fine. Lol.



I have a few complaints about yesterday but mainly, it was about the service.

Firstly, they didn’t have Chapman. Those who know me, know. For me, That’s like Nandos not having Chips or Pizza Hut not having Garlic bread.  Error #1.

Secondly, they didn’t have, and I quote ” Yam, Chicken Suya, Gizzard and then some”. Erm, it’s a Saturday night – albeit a very busy evening for a resturant like that. How can you not have yam!!

Thirdly, my friend convinced me to drink Palm Wine in replacement of Chapman. You’ll love it she said – I can categorically tell you I did not! That thing tasted like..I don’t even know. Eww. I should done the safer healthier option of water. Note for next time.

Fourthly, One of the ladies last night was served cold chicken and asked for it to be rewarmed..The waiter took it away and 30 minutes later ( and counting)still didn’t bring it back. Obviously, she didn’t pay for that. As someone rightly pointed out last night, if you don’t serve happily, you can’t expect your customers to pay happily. I still prefer the branch on Old Kent Road –  I suspect I won’t be coming to this Hendon one in a hurry again.
So ya. That was my experience there.. I hope yours is better!!

Ooh before I go, I am looking for a website builder and also someone who is a WordPress wizz. Please comment below if you are either of the above or you can recommend someone. Gracias.

Have a great one

* vex money – just in case of emergency cash

Fols ✌

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