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Morning guys!

Oh my goodness it is SO cold this morning. I’m not sure if I can feel my feet – and I am wearing two pairs of socks. Thats just how bad.

So I am reblogging a post which was initially on the stylish academic’s blog. This seminar (please refer to post) will focus on how to become ‘ a digital academic’. The key speakers will be Dr Inger Mewburn (Thesis Whisper) …(Star struck LOLLLLL) and Dr Nadine Muller ( The New Academic). I am soooo taking selfies with them. 😎🎓

As I have mentioned previously, your online presence is important. This event will give you the opportunity to learn how to build your academic profile with the use of social media and also show you how to gain practical tips for research and employability. (though I suspect that may be aimed more at those in the Digital field) Having said that, no information is lost or useless. There will be some transferable techniques that you’ll learn which will be useful in the long run.

The event is organised by Jobs.ac.uk in collaboration with Piirus.com. It is open to all researchers – Doctoral and Post. There is a fee of £20 – please register with the link in the original post . I am still learning about wordpress so if it doesn’t work – I am sure there’s a way of transfering that link here..But oh well. It is still a learning process for me 🙈🙈 There will be a light lunch so OBVIOUSLY, I be in attendance…LOL.

Have a great one.


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