..Have a snack..Or two.

..If there is anything I have “had concerns about”, it’s my new eating habit. I seem to just eat everything and anything these days.

Remember in my first post ealier this year where I said “I was going to take up yoga? Yes, that is still pending. In the meantime, I have been eating everything from Chinese to Grilled fish ( although I have convinced myself fish is healthy..). Terrible, I know. I was talking to someone last night and she said “eating properly” is a regular topic which is discussed alot in her office. Although when we spoke, she was drinking Green Tea. I wish I could…but I can’t. If its not Supermalt or Fanta Twist, I can’t!! So on to today’s topic, just how important is eating healthy whilst studying? Is it normal to binge eat?

In my previous studies, I admit I have found that eating healthier and exercising often has helped alot. Clearer mind and that jazz. I remember specifically when I was studying for the Bar Finals, I went running for 20 minutes every night.  I still go running now (occasionally when I feel I can see my size 14 approaching) but, I would like to improve on that.

If you are at any stage or the PhD and find that you are eating a lot more than usual, relax – this is VERY normal. If you find that you seem to snack on everything whilst studying, again, relax – this is normal. Not necessarily healthy, but it is certainly normal. I want to believe that this sudden binge eating  I am going through is just a phase. A phase which needs to quickly move! 😯 I actually see my size 14 pending as I mentioned above but exercising caution in my eating is proving difficult! The devil is a liar anyway. I will be forever slim!!😎😎😍😍.

Sooo my advice for you (and for myself) if you can’t stop snacking and having larger than life meals (believe me I KNOW its difficult), then at least try and reduce it. Listen yo, there is life after the PhD and believe me, you don’t want to start fixing up in a rush. The plan is to finish that PhD, step out from underneath all those books and be looking hot as heck! 😍 I don’t know about you but when I finish, I plan to go to Church to do Thanksgiving in my birthday suit (LOL I am joking, actually in my graduation gown..) and “shoki” (a Nigerian dance move) right from the back. ✋🎓🎉

Anyway, try and maintain a stable diet and watch your food intake. I say this now and will end up blogging about how I am eating pounded yam and vegetable soup for breakfast in a few weeks. I know it’s difficult but try not to let yourself go or get lost in translation.

If you’re a girl, go out, do your hair, do your nails. Look fab – watch your food intake. If you’re a guy, make sure your hair cut is on point ALWAYS and you’re looking clean. Also, watch ur intake. POT bellies are not nice to look at. PhD or no PhD. Thanks in advance.

P.S – New Hair Alert 😀



Fols ✌

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