Nigerian Law School. The middle.. Part 2

..So Bar II was nothing like Bar I. In fact, Bar I was a breeze. I can remember days I didn’t go to class and would stay in my room and the helper would go and buy me Moin Moin and bread from the lady beside Hostel A. Yummm!!

Ok enough reminicing. The bottom line is that Bar II is not a joke folks.

Striking the balance

NLS is really about striking a balance between your social and studying time. It’s about not being out so much that the Bouncers of Play and Cubanna see you marking attendance every Fri/Sat night and it is also not about your roomie saying “You’re reading Agaba…AGAIN?”
Learn to strike the balance. It’s ok to take a night off reading and let your hair down in town. Lord knows, you will get to a point and realise if you don’t, the chances of going crazy are increasing by the second.
Bar II isn’t beans, but don’t get completely lost in translation.

Court and Chambers Attachment, the three month trying period.

This is the three month period divided into two sections. In England, you can almost call it an extended Mini Pupillage. You will go to court and observe proceedings et al and you’ll have informal meetings with the judge you are attached to. Many people usually know at the end of of this attachment period if practicing is for them. I’m still deciding lol.
During your chambers attachment, your activities may vary. If you end up in a busy firm, you will attend court with the lawyers there. Additionally, they may get you reviewing documents and asking you questions which will eventually help in your Bar Finals.
You may on the other hand get a firm where the Principle let’s you just do your reading in prep for your exams. If you get that, jump on it and read like there is no tomorrow. There is no time to read after attachment ooooo. I have said my own.

Basic Advice for Bar II:

Other students will try to intimidate you when you get to Bar II..That’s a sure banker guarantee. You will see every colour highlighter every made, flashcards, A3 paper stuck on bedroom walls, colour coded folders for each course..The whole shebang. Like I said, don’t be intimidated. Some students are just better prepared than others.

1. Have a good work schedule and stick to it. If its reading between resting after lecture and reading between 4pm-8pm, do that and stick with it. Everyone works differently, and assuming you got your LLB with little difficulty, you should know what works for you.
2. Have a study group. This is a little tricky because you may end up studying with someone who may eventually confuse you or be in a larger group where you are the major contributor. Study groups are always good though because you will be able to feed off other people. You know what works best for you, but I would advise going over some things with another person, even if it is just for clarity. Trust me, it sticks better when someone else says a case.
3. Don’t have too many study groups. If you join 20 study groups, chances of failing are high. One person will say one thing, the other will say something else and you’ll get confused. Limit your group study to a few days a week and just a few people. If not for anything, for your sanity.
4. Eat, drink and do your hair. Do not get sucked into not taking care of yourself. It will surprise you that someone who goes to the salon every two weeks will come out with a 1st/2:1 and you who fell under the illusion of ‘study-till-death’ will come out with a Pass. It’s never that deep.
5. Don’t read too much material. Look, if you are in Abuja campus, Mami Market will have so many materials for sale that you really wont know when you have bought them all. Too much material will confuse you. Stick to the basic that you have and only do cross referencing. You will save yourself a lot Paracetamol buying.

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