Nigerian Law School. The Beginning, The Middle and The End. Pt 1

…June 2012- August /November (Results) 2013

The journey from Bar 1 to finally passing Bar Finals was real. Oh my goodness. We thank God for his continued mercies.

A little history about Finding Fola…

So I graduated from University of Westminster in England and went on to do an LLM at Brunel University. After gathering work experience for about 6 months after my masters, I finally decided to take the plunge and attend the Nigerian Law School last year. I’m now doing a PhD in law, focusing on Financial Regulation and Stability within the Nigerian banking system.

Law School was not what i was expecting…

Luckily for me, I was going to law school with a few friends I knew from England and my roommate was a friend of mine. Absolute blessing in disguise. No running water, no constant light and most of all no sound security. The day we arrived for registration, almost 30 girls had no accommodation in the female hostel as the law school had clearly over subscribed for the course. Typical. My roommate and I were however among the lucky ones to get a room..if that is what you can call it.

So over the next few months, we attended classes in the Auditorium:
Nigerian Legal System
Nigerian Criminal Law
Nigerian Land Law
Nigerian Constitutional Law.
Oh, and the remedial’s. The blessed remedial’s. If you haven’t studied Commercial or Evidence in your undergraduate, you will be required to do so at NLS. Obviously its not free, as of last year, it was 50k. So be sure to budget that into your school fees 🙂

The application process was if anything long and non informative. One contact number which was occasionally off, no online portal, no email contact, absolutely nothing.
The application process also made no mention of the subjects to be studied; what uniform which was expected ; actual and specific dates to resume class. Zilch… so when applying, do not be disappointed at the lack of information.

So far as to say Bar 1 went by pretty fast. Before I knew it, November 2012, Bar II.

Advice for prospective students for the 2014 Batch:

1.Bring Wellies. Its rainy season and your shoes will spoil. Ladies, leave the Jimmy Choo’s safely at home. Stick with the Primark shoes because I can guarantee tears otherwise.
2. Bring enough deodorant. Trust me, you will need it.
3. There is no wifi in the hostel..the struggle for fast internet is hard so do no let them tell you otherwise. I’m recommending Etisilat and Airtel as good service providers.
4. Girls make sure your skirts are safely below your knee. Fashion Police will not take it lightly with you…I’ve said my own o.
5. Budget well and over. It is very easy to take 10k ( around £50) out of the cashpoint and not be able to account for it 6 hours later. The main things that will take your cash are credit, taxi and food.
6.Bring snacks. Snacks that will make you remember home when your feeling homesick..cos you will get homesick. Guaranteed.
7.Invest in a second line when you come. Network failure/problems are an ongoing problem in Nigeria.
8.Bring pens. For some reason every pen I bought there never seemed to work properly..after a day or two, they seemed to go ‘kaput’.
9. Don’t be friends with everyone. To be continued in further posts.
10. Look forward to all the Ajebutter’re going to be amazed at the way some people will remix their names from Babatunde to Barry from America.
11. Most importantly, come with an open mind. NLS if anything is journey. A very long, long one.

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