..Educated Housewife wearing Prada.

Happpppppppy New Year!! God’s blessings for everyone, always 🙂

So its been a little while since my last post, thought i’d just type a little something whilst I have some spare time on my hands. I still have one more post pending for the Nigerian Law School…soon come!

The title of this post was intact my career and life’s ambition. To be an educated housewife wearing Prada. A nice duplex in Lekki with a nice car and 3rd wife position…No joke at all. Unfortunately, this dream is still pending.

So as I briefly mentioned in my very first post, I have just started a new course – PhD in Law at Brunel University, Uxbridge. Excited and terrified as anything. Nothing compared to Bar Finals tho I think…we shall soon find out.

I had previously completed my LLM at this same university almost 2 years ago, so although I was excited about registration, I was just expecting it to be an absolute breeze. Obviously, you can imagine my surprise when I was told I had an outstanding debt of almost £40.. Wait for it, from Library fines!! It’s not rocket science, but how would they allow a student to graduate without clearing fines..Library fines for that matter. That doesn’t even make sense. Clearly stupidity on their part.
I sent an email obviously to their library team clearly stating that I had cleared ny fines before leaving and in any case, the oversight was not my fault if it could be found that I was in fact owing these fines. After all their talk, they sha cleared the fines and made it sound like they were doing me a favour…you wish mate!!

Anyway, the next three years will be work based-orientated-completely. No life, No enjoyment…scratch that. I AM GOING TO HAVE A BALLLLL!!!
I suppose you could call me the ‘poster-kinda-child’ for education. Degree, Masters, Law School and now PhD. The truth of the matter however is I really don’t take school too seriously and I maintain my status as an Enjoyment Minster, first and foremost. That’s lesson number one of life.

The Journey So Far..
It has been an interesting three months so far. My supervisor is really helpful and very supportive. I have had a few teething problems so far, but I guess thats primarily because I’m still finding my feet. Each student here has their own desk space( Mini office) and everyone else who are at different stages of the course are really nice. Everyone gets on with their own buisness but it is nice to know that no-one takes it all too seriously.
I attended my family Christmas party for New Years Day (I’ve been absent from this event for a VERY long time) ..absolutely amazing. I haven’t seen so many cousins, aunts and uncles in such ages. Proper family/christmas/get-together.. I personally advise it to anyone.
Oh, and it’s Thanksgiving Sunday is in a few days time.. mega excited! I love seeing all these mummies in their expensive lace and massive over-sized gele’s and all those other aunties who think they are still 20-something wearing dressess made for their children!! If not for anything, I enjoy the view for my own personal entertainment-:)

Remember, when all else fails, the most important thing is to stay beautiful!!

Till Next Post

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