Bar 1 2014, Nigerian Law School

Hi guys..

Just wanted to let you guys know that the Bar One applications are now out. I have a previous post which diccussses Bar 1 Bants in more depth but this is just a recap as the  application process has just started again. As I have said previously,  the application process is very long and it will make you exhausted. Stay at it, it’s just for a few weeks lol.

I would advise you to make photocopies of everything that you send..For example your transcripts, certificate and the form you fill out online. You’ll thank me in the end.

Remember ladies…skirts below your knees.  Campus Fashion police are not a joke yo. And the shoes..start buying you flats now. Possibly pri-armani because rainy season is coming up. Oh, and wellies.  Again, you’ll thank me in the end -:)

AND “Guide your hair”. Omo, You will be so sick of hearing this at the end of the first month, you will come back and tell us stories. So, pack your hair up or shave it off like me lol 😎.

Men.  You guys don’t have problem tbh. Black suits,  white shirt WITH a tie. Shikena.

What else? Ermmm.. pack plenty of spray and your mini snacks that you know you’ll miss from England or wherever you are coming from..for example, i brought with me many large packets Sensation Crisps, Shortbread, Oreos, Pringles et al. Not to say you can’t buy it there,  but it will be some ridiculously extortionate (not to mention RUDE) price! You’re better off going to Poundland or Tesco. Please, I can’t shout.

I’m not knocking the hustle just speaking from experience. There are some reasonable stores there that you can get things from in Abuja; Kiss Exclusive,  Shoprite, Park n Shop…but when you’re first going, pack a few basics to ease you into the system. Besides,  it might not be every week that you go into town so it’s nice to know you have this stuff safely packed in your room.

Till next post.

Stay Lovely xx

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