..Keeping Up With Afolly -:)

Bonjour and Happy New Month!!

Thank you to my readers in France again. I see 14 of you and I am very very grateful.💋
I hope everyone is wrapping up warm today – this weather is NOT a joke. The sun is just trying to decieve us!!

Don’t worry – today is a very short post lol -:)

Sooo! I am almost two months into my teaching job and honestly, it has been great. I literally literally am enjoying every minute of it, although it wasn’t like that in the beginning as I mentioned in the post before last.

It has been a bit of a challenge in terms of balancing the teaching load and the PhD. I’ll be honest, the last few weeks I think I struggled a bit, but I know thats because I was still finding my feet and learning the ropes. This, so I am told, is perfectly normal. I am pleased to report that after alot of trial and error, I am doing much better!

I think the key is to try and create a timetable, and then be strict with it. Self discipline, (so i am still learning..!) is so important. So yes, create a timetable and stick to it.

I have also got another announcement for you guys!

I have recently started blogging for jobs.ac.uk! I am sure most people know it, but if you don’t, please do check it out. The blog is called ‘Real Life PhD Student’. I have a post uploaded which talks about the teaching experience so far and there is another one which is due later today.

*Don’t worry, I am not deserting my blog! I will still be uploading posts both here and there-:)

Have a great one!


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