..Post IBA Syndrome


Thank you to my readers in Luxembourg – I am very very thankful to all of you!

Let me get my Congratulations out of the way first..wedding fever!!

1. Toun and Ebenzer – congrats on your wedding – I wish you guys the very best😙😙😙

2. Bisi and Peter – MEEEEGGA excited! This Saturday, we gonna TURN UP!!! ( I’ll post pictures on the next post LOLLL!)

Post IBA woes..

Today’s one is going to be a short post. I am sure some people are like “Thank God!”

So, as you guys are aware, my “big news” from a couple of posts ago was my internship at the IBA. Initially, it was for a period of three months, but God so good (Do you know God? If not, I’ll be happy to introduce!), it was extended for another three.

The IBA Experience

My time at the IBA has been more than interesting. It has a been a good opportunity to consider ALL my options. I’m happy to report my mind hasn’t changed!

I really recommend doing an internship somewhere if you haven’t already. Its a valuable, valuable experience which I am so so thankful¬†for. I have had the chance¬†to really cultivate my existing skills in an amazing work environment.

As an intern, I think its really important that you have it in mind to achieve certain things. It could be the smallest thing like writing a professional letter. It could be learning how to work with others, putting your personal differences aside and staying professional.  Whatever it is, make sure you go into it with the mindset of achievement.

So whilst I was there, I had several things that I wanted to perfect. I’ve listed a few below:


In the six months there, I presented on two topics. The titles are:
1. Maintaining Judicial Integrity in Nigerian Courts
2. Whistleblowing: A Look at the Financial System and Measures in Place

It was a biiig opportunity to brush up on my research skills ( I’m almost perfect LOL) and my fear of public speaking LOL. I really really enjoyed it. It’s strange because in my line of work, you expect lawyers to not have an issue with speaking in public. I think its all those eyes that are just staring at you!!


Whilst at the IBA, I am pleased to report that I actually wrote an article that¬†was published recently. The paper, ‘ Whistleblowing: The Position of Nigerian Legislation in Banking‘, considers the protective measures in place for whistleblowers themselves. It looks at the challenges that bank staff face and how it may be possible to overcome them. Its my first publication so I am naturally excited LOL. The link is available at bottom of the post.

Lessons Learnt

I tell you what, during the internship, I came across¬†different types of people, ¬†from¬†different walks of life. It has really been a lesson for me that to accept that we¬†are all brought up differently.¬† If I didn’t know¬†before,¬†I ¬†certainly know it now. If you ever go into an internship, anywhere, I really advise you to have an open mind. What seems normal to you, is totally abnormal to others – and visa versa. I was going to give a detailed explanation of exactly what I mean, but I think it is better to apply some diplomacy here. Those who know, know. ūüôā

Reviewing and Reevaluating

As I said, it’s been amazing to just be in another environment and be sure in my career path. Its also been great to just have a bit of time away from PhD palava!

So thats about it. Overall, I am happy about the experience and what I have been able to take away from it. It’s a little strange not having to wake up and endure the District and Central Line rush, but I will say I am pleased to be back doing my work. Now, its just about finishing up this thesis!!

Im enclosing the link below for you to have a little read, if you’re interested ūüôā



Remember, when everything else fails, the most important thing is to stay beautiful!

See you guys soon!

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