..20 something characteristics of a PhD student

Tadiyass, dehna neh?

That’s Hello, how are you in Ethiopian. Thank you all for reading!!! ❤

Congratulations again to my darling Uche..Distinction in her masters degree baby!! ❤❤💙💙
Ohhh and Tomi. Sorry, Dr Tomi Oladepo. Graduation, #CoventryBound ❤❤

So this is a random post….just for jokes!! Mr Bond has got me listening to Michael Jackson, Olando Owo ( Nigerian musician…) and just about anything else as I write!

20 Something charactreristics of a PhD student.

1. You secretly print out your work and become amazed at how much knowledge you have spilled onto A4 paper.

2. You secretly think there was a mistake somwhere and your department administrator will do the following:

-Apologise for the mix up and tell you to clear your desk immediately
-Take away your beloved personalised university email address

LOL.. “imposter syndrome” anyone? I feel like this almost every day actually.

3. You know all the cheap coffee (in some instances) shops within a 5 mile radius of your house AND you know where all the plug sockets are located.


4. You can’t remember the last time you had a proper weekend..lounging around

– I don’t know if I can say I don’t remember as I seem to be out eating fish or something every other weekend. Ugh. #JudgeMeLater

5. You become determined to exhaust your free printing credit and so you print every article relating to your research..because well, it might be “relevant”.

6. You no longer have a sleeping pattern

7. The first thing you reach up for is your laptop in the morning (I can attest to this LOL)

8. You borrow books from the library and just stack them in your office ..to seem ‘smart’. (LOL. Ok maybe this is just me. And, I have a ton of library fines to prove it!)


9.. After a while, you feel sick of reading your work

10. The first few things you plan to change when you pass your viva are:
–  Bank Cards
–  Credit Cards
–  Savings Card
–  Passport
–  Driving Licence
–  Mobile Phone Bill
–  All Loyalty Cards – Tesco Club Card, Nectar Card, AA breakdown card, Odeon Cinema etc
–  Name at Dr’s surgery (especially those practices’ that have the board which displays your name when its your turn LOL)

11. When there is a delay on the flight and they give preference for priority passengers..you’ll consider not correcting them that your actually a PhD holder, not a Medical Doctor who maybe needs be on the flight…because well. Just because.

12. You google yourself every now and then….PLEASE tell me I am not the only one who does that.

13. You’ll actively correct anyone who says Mr/Miss as opposed to “Dr.”

14. You dread your supervisor meetings..even if your supervisor is amazing!

15. You feel like quitting your PhD at least once a month. But then you wonder about the shame and having to remove it off LinkedIn, Twitter Bio, Academia.edu, WordPress,  the whole shebang
–     This is very normal behaviour by the way

16. You get fed up of hearing:
” So you are still a student?”
“You’re still in school?”
“You’re still studying?”
” What is your research about?”

Shut up. PLEASE. Gracias

17. You get scared of what will happen when you eventually finish the PhD and secretly, you look for other courses online. Don’t lieee! #StudyAddict

18. Eating out or, Chinese and wine in my case, is the new “eating in.”

19. Your office is “home”. Heck, you even have cushions, Indomie ( noodles)  and slippers there.

20.You have a business card

21. You have at least one packet of Paracetamol and Ibroprofen on standby for that mysterious headache that just appears

22. You bring out all your gadgets ( Laptop, phone, ipad..) and still bring out a notepad and pen – We are ALL guilty of this LOLLL

23. You have a troothbrush case in your office..for when you deceide to pull an all nighter. Ah, this cannot just be me. PLEASE LET THIS NOT JUST BE  ME!!

24. You only socialise with ” your kind of PhD folk cos they understand “. LOLLLL ok, if this is you, stop!

25. You procastinate every other day…but really you disguise it as “creative planning/creative juices/LAZINESS basically”

26. Everything you buy must have student discount. Because well, you’re a student.

27. You watch a series to reward yourself for writing half a paragraph.

– Ok, maybe me again.

28. You can’t wait to be a Dr.

Wait..I think I already said that LMAO.

Ok, ciao
* All images, courtesy of Google
Fols ✌

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