…5,000 + Views, #BeingAWomanGenerally in Life and, Academia

Boa tarde!

That is Good Afternoon in Portuguese! Hallo to my readers there, I thank you very much for reading!

* Gosh, that is a long title above no?

So I have to apologise for the delay in post. This was suppose to go up a few days ago. However, I think I am suffering from “Repetitive Strain Injury”. For those who do not know, it comes when you are doing something, repeatedly. In my case, it is typing. I am¬† a bit better now.. but if I ever delay in posts, now I have a legitimate reason!¬†Ooooh. Thank you…We have gone past 5k views! I am overwhelmed. 😙😙😙

So this post is going to touch on a few issues which I think, are important. Its going to be a long one today, so let me list them now so you can decide if you want to grab a cold drink and a foot stool.

1. #BeingAWomanInNigeria . The hash tag is pretty much explanatory..but I will discuss.

2. What clothing is expected of “female academics”?¬† Why, if you agree, should you “dress down” as a PhD student. Should that even an option?

3. The Black Doctoral Network had an event yesterday..amazing! Pictures enclosed.

So before I start, you guys remember my ‘big news’ from three months ago? No, not my engagement lolll. My internship at the¬† IBA? Ok, read about it HERE .Well, I am pleased to announce that it has been extended for another three months!!!¬† I am actually realllllly excited. Last week, one of the ladies there said, and I quote :

Fola, I have been meaning to say…you have some BEAUTIFUL DRESSESS. I’m always wondering what you’re going to wear next!!

Fear not baby girl, you have another three months of alllll of this beauty!! So yes, I will be disturbing your TL (twitter – @afollypeperempe) with all the drama’s of TFL and smelly passengers. Ugh!

Ok..so a few days ago, this hashtag was trending : #BeingAWomanInNigeria.  At first, I thought ok, another opportunity for us women to rant about being a woman in Nigeria and all. But some of the tweets  makes sense and touched on some serious stoffs mate. I quote:

1. #BeingAWomanInNigeria – you were raped? What did you wear?

– Meaning, she led him on, obviously.

2. #BeingAWomanInNigeria “ordinary cheating” and you left him AND you’re 30? I am sorry for you.

– Self Explanatory

3.#BeingAWomanInNigeria  You and your husband come out of an establishment and the gate men greet Oga* and not you

– Self Explanatory

4. You gave that lecture in a sophisticated manner. Is this how you do in bed with your husband? #BeingAWomanInNigeria

– Again, very Self Explanatory

5. Where your husband is impotent, YOU are the witch and it is YOUR fault. #BeingAWomanInNigeria

– Need I say more?

6. Your accomplishments mean nothing without a man by your side. #BeingAWomanInNigeria

– What the hell is wrong with you people?!

7. You have to make a choice. Finishing your PhD before you are 30 Vs. Finding a man to marry you. #BeingAWomanInNigeria

– Please see comment above. I mean it, what is wrong with you?!

So yes. Obviously the last one hit home for me- so baby boy better marry me before that time. We cant be subscribing to the mentality of the world now can we!!

I won’t go into a full blown discussion of the quotes because I want them to be food for thought really. I think some issues aren’t just “in Nigeria”, but more African. In some other respects, some of the comments actually translate across to women, generaly speaking regardless of country of origin. It’s really sad that this is actually the way some people think.

2. Academic Wear…. “For Women”. Now, this is an on going debate and topic. I obviously don’t advocate for women to come to lectures to lecture wearing shorts and a tank top. Taking that one point, it is not exactly, “Professional”. But to what extent does what women academics wear impact their ability to convey their intellect to you, or,to an audience?

Take for example, Fola.

So, I had an annual review today for my PhD. Totallllllly Smashed that. Just saying.

Anywho…in getting dressed today, I thought (and tweeted lol), how important is the relationship between what I say and what I wear? The panel today at my review was more interested in what I had upstairs as opposed to checking out my dress and why they could see soo much legs! This is a good thing. So I guess, in that instance I had the opportunity to get their attention with my legal speak. But anyway!

To be honest, it is not just what one wears as a female to lecture, conferences or, in the lab. I’m looking at the bigger picture in the way women are viewed in academia, generally.

I read an article in yesterdays paper about a Professor who resigned after he made a comment about women in labs. He said, and I quote (I think) that they

Cry when criticised  and fall in love with male counterparts

Could you be anymore offensive? Anyway, I shall refrain from¬†further comments. Read about it HERE: So you see boys¬†and girls? It isn’t just about being a woman in Nigeria or Africa. It is about being a woman, generally. Academia and work then stem out and you can see how women are perceived by the opposite sex, generally.¬†Ugh. I am tired.

I feel like I need a separate post on this so that it hits home, hard. But I’ll stop here for today.


Yesterday, the Black Doctoral Network held a summer social event at Queen Mary. A big well done to Monique and Antonette for setting it up!

Anyway, I¬†can safely report that the¬†event was amazing!¬†I have enclosed some pictures below of those who didn’t mind their pictures online lol. I was really fortunate to meet people I had been tweeting with..( we are allowed to do this, it is academic related stoffs…None¬† of this online dating nonsense!!!) and generally, just really nice to meet people you can really relate with in terms of the PhD experience and journey. Gosh, that sounds like a sob story. But you guys get the gist.

Anyway, the BDN are a group of Black PhD students(and some graduates actually) who are trying to connect Black PhD students in the UK, together. So yesterday, I met several people I had never met before and all thanks to this platform. If you would like to join, they are on twitter and have a few more events planned before the end of the year. Come along!!




Ok. I think I am done for today.. You guys enjoy the weekend and do not work too hard!!!

Tchau! ( Bye in Portuguese LOLL)

3 thoughts on “…5,000 + Views, #BeingAWomanGenerally in Life and, Academia

  1. Fola, it was lovely to see you again yesterday at the black doctoral network event.

    We have a Facebook group for those who want to network on the Facebook platform as well as the Twitter handle included in this post.


    Feel free to join!

    Monique and Antoinette

  2. lovely pictures and I remember my first couple of month as a doctoral student when i thought i wouldn’t be taken seriously if i dressed up! someone (a bloke) once joked at my research training course, “if you come in here looking like Beyonce, you’ll have to do the single ladies dance” oh Yes! the struggle is real.. I’m exploring the experiences of women in academic employment in Nigeria and it will be quite interesting to see how their experiences compare with Nigerian women in academic employment here in the UK. The whole issue of what ‘she’ wears is indeed a serious one, women are under a lot of pressure to ‘fit in’, we (especially African ones) get less encouragement and support from family and friends…they want to hear when the wedding date is and not when your progress review is due. The struggle goes on! Kudos to you all over there at QMU, events like this are really great to prevent one from feeling isolated. More grease to your elbow! By the way, you all look fabulous!

    1. Loll. These are just some of the problems female academics face unfortunately!

      Your research area definitely sounds interesting – I am sure you will have a lot of experiences to compile!

      Fola ūüôā

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