…Sushi Saturdays!


That is “Hello” in Crotia! Yes, my readers in Croatia, I see you all!  ❤❤

First and Foremost…

I wanna say a biiiig happy birthday to two favourite ladies, Bunmi and Funmi!! LOL, I literally only just noticed that their names rhyme. Trust Fola to be the odd one out. ANYWAYYY..!

It has been amazing knowing you so far and I am FULLY convinced that God has some big big plans for you guys!!

Secondly, a friend of mine doing her masters got a DISTINCTION! I am sooooo proud of you Uche!

Ok, ok congratulatory messages aside.

I hope you guys had a great weekend. I..DID! I am sure you guys think i do no work…trust me i do!

So on Saturday as part of the birthday celebrations, we went to a resturant called “Sushi Samba.” It is in Heron Tower in Liverpool Street. Two words.


It is on the 39th floor and the view is TO DIE FOR. I have a few pictures for you below.

Anyway, I have to say, it was definately an amazing experience. I am not really a sushi person, but, I think this place might have just changed my outlook in that respect. When the waiter came out, and gave us the long food list and his personal recommendations (..he was hot by the way. French looking guy, tall handsome and all that jazz… but anyway..!) I was like, so……”wheres the rice and chicken?”

Ok. I don’t know if it’s an African thing, ( Or maybe just a Fola thing.. who knows..)but we are so obsessed with rice and chicken. On this occasion, I made do with rice which was green, but convinced myself it was jellof rice*. It worked. But all in all, it was a great experience and I completely fell in love with the atmosphere. Ladies, the next time a guy wants to take you on a date, ensure that you go to somewhere like this! Honestly, it is the bomb!






Btw, that’s ‘plantain’ on top of the Rum flavoured vanilla ice cream. None of that Asda stuff they disguise as Vanilla!

Anywho.. I suspect I will post again this week… unless someone takes me suprise dining! Then we shall abandon the PhD for a few hours whilst we attend to the food 😎😎


Fols ✌

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