…Weekend(s) Banter.

Good morning All,
Happy Sunday 🙂

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It has been a very very busy (Last weekend..) week and weekend (pending) for me. Oh my days!

I want to say a big thank you to everybody who showed up to the Networking event last Thursday. It was amazing to meet a few of my readers and it is actually a lovely feeling to know that people actually read my posts!! Muchas Gracias. I am pleased to report that it was an amazing turnout and the Organisers of City Circles Connected (“CCC”) have a few more events planned over the course of the year. I shall keep you posted 🙂

...The dreaded meeting?!

I think i may have mentioned in my last post that I had a meeting pending with my supervisor. It wasn’t that bad, the above title is a tad misleading LOL. I tell you what though, everytime I do have a scheduled meeting, my heart skips a beat! I am always thinking OMG, what if what I submitted is actually pants?! So far, I have not had that issue. Praise Jesus!

Anyway, I submitted a chapter a few weeks back( I think I posted about that also actually..) which I went to uni to discuss with my supervisor. Generally, I got good feedback..I have a few areas to review, but overall I think it was ok. I am quite pleased with the outcome of that meeting – there are some areas which I know I need to develop more so overall it was good. In addition, my supervisor made some suggestions which really gave me a lot of encouragement. I should be more elated as he is really helping me to expand my creative mind and stretch my analytical theory. ALLLLL goooood!


If you are dreading that meeting with your supervisor – don’t. Your supervisors job is to direct you on the path of you work. It is not to dictate what you should and shouldn’t write – remember that. If you are working in the wrong direction, its good that its highlighted to u early. Trust me, it’ll be worse when and if you submit a final draft and its completely rubbish.

Fast Forward to LAST Sunday and the Car Abuses….

So I am not sure if I mentioned it, but I got a new car. So here was me allll excited, only for Sunday to come and I get a truckload of abuses from the passengers!!! So we went for a friends’ naming ceremony on Sunday evening. Oh my goodness, from where I live, South Wimbledon is FARRRR. It was like a one and a half hour journey, my goodness.

Anyway, the abuses started from evening the fact that its a coupe and its a “so-kin-so” kinda car. That’s english for “stop and let me get down, then you can get down from the back”.(It’s a coupe car..) Very annoying!!
Then I  had to endure abuses about my car horn…which actually sounds like a bicyle horn if I am honest. I have do discuss with my mechanic so I can stop being abused by it. Lastly, it was the fact that it was a “MEZDES -Benz” rather than a Mercedes…then they started comparing it with better versions driving beside us! It’s all love and sport though… I accept it with Grace LOL. The upside is I didn’t drive yesterday and my personal driver took the wheel.

I think that’s about it today me thinks. This bank holiday weekend is phd-weekend. Noooo rest!

I hope you guys enjoy. Have a great one!

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