..Dinner for Three…With Some Errrrrrrrors!

Hi Guys!!

Hope you’re all well and had an amazing weekend.

Massive congratulations to a new friend who had a baby… Jellyfish, you are welcome to the world! *Biiiiig kissesss..*

I had a food filled weekend ( As usual….* hides face in shame*) with my two cousins. It was one of their birthdays last week – It was great to just catch up and of course, EAT!!!

So we went to Garfunkels at the o2. I decided NOT to drive – parking prices are a joke to be honest. How can you be charging me £5 for two hours or £7 if I go over?! Thank you, I will be using my Oyster Card, Zone 1-6. Ain’t nobody got time for that ish! Anyway, I met with one and the other dropped us home (RICH COW!!) so it was all good.

Maybe it’s me, but I didn’t know there was even a Garfunkel’s at the O2. I also didn’t know there was a Busaba there. BELIEVE I will be a regular visitor there from now on. Calamari and Fola…. Can I get an AMEN!!

Today unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of the meal. Maybe that’s a good thing. I don’t wanna be sued LOL.

The Meal:

To be honest I hate complaining unless it is completely necessary – and on this occasion, it is. I didn’t really enjoy my meal there yesterday.  Neither did my cousins.

We initially had a starter – Chicken Wings “To share”. Ok, there was three of us and you guys gave us FOUR pieces. Erm…ok. Anyway, the chilli sauce literally looked like water and tiny peppers at the bottom. I personally do not recommend it.

My first cousin had Lasange with some bread ish. I think I could count the meat inside. Maybe three pieces? It was just cheese and tomato. Anyway, I had a tiny taste..I do not recommend it and she defo did not enjoy it.

My second cousin had the Full English. ( I don’t have an idea why she was having a Full English at 5pm, but hey what do I know?!) Anyway, it didn’t come Hash Brown and the Sausages were burnt as anything. She did not enjoy and I strongly believe that she also does not recommend it.

I had a Half Chicken (I like my chicken..!!) Chips and then some. Although it was in fact a generous portion, the chicken was waay too dry. The Chips were burnt and the salad – or whatever it was was waaaaaay too small. I could count the pieces. I PERSONALLY do not recommend it.

The Dessert:

Funny enough we enjoyed the dessert. Only one of my cousins’ opted for it and she has a waffle with Ice cream. I had chocolate fudge and something something. It came in a large glass LOL. I do not have any complaints about the dessert and I believe neither does my cousin. I do however have a complaint about the bill.

When we had finished, the bill came to just over £70. This seemed ok as we all had drinks also. However, at the bottom of the bill, they charged us £1 extra for ice-cream. I didn’t even notice it at first but one of my cousins pointed it out. I switched to lawyer mode, obviously.

The shadiest part of the whole thing was when we called the waiters attention to it he had a look of “ugh, busted” on his face. So it begs the question, how often to people actually check their receipts. I want to believe it was an innocent mistake, but I can’t help but think that maybe it was intentional. I think this because even when the waiter went to speak with the manager or whoever, they a) took FOREVER to come back and b) Did not even issue an apology for the “mistake”. Shaaaaady!

The Lesson: 

Anyway, moral of the story – check you damn receipts before you leave. It might just be £1 to you but if it was indeed intentional, that £1 from every person who walks in. So in a day if you have 100 people come in and you’re charging £1 extra, that’s £100 my friend. In working week for a restaurant, that is £700. In a month that is £2,100. I believe that you get the picture. CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS!!!!

On a plus note, the customer service (during the meal) was great. Although we had three different staff attend to us, it was nice. I still do not recommend or endorse their food. The dessert however, I recommend that.


Research is going well.. Gracias for asking LOL. I have started on an article…I’ll let you know when I am done with that..eventually!! Oh, also, I have a presentation at work (IBA). I am actually looking forward to that 😀


Just another reminder about the Professional Networking Event that we have planned. Register and Come!!! It will be an amazing evening – details below.


So yaaa.  That is about it. Have a great one!

P.S: New Hair Alert: See below:

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