Conference Time & Speed Networking.

Happpy New Month guys!!

Quick shout out to my two cousins who celebrated their birthdays this week. Been loving you LONG time. ❤✌

Also, congratulations to Bridget on her engagement!! We are finally coming to chop Jellof Rice ❤❤😎😎😙😙

Two parts today. I’m going to talk about a Conference I presented at last week and how they fired me with a million questions!!

Secondly, I’m going to talk to you about this networking event we are hosting in two weeks.

(Mini Disclamer its a long one today. Although I have been good in keeping them short and sweet! Anyway, here goes ..:) )

Last week, I presented a section of my thesis at a Confrence. Oh my word. If you guys remember last year, I attended a conference in Nottingham. The professors..Omg, they ripped the presenters to shreads. One actually left after being told she (professor) didn’t understand how he recieved admission – his (student) PhD topic was ridiculous. Oh my days…I had vowed to not present until I was sure of my work. I bit the bullet – and boy was I glad.

To be honest it went well. Really well. I was nervous in the beginning, but after 2  minutes of talking, I really got into it. I told the audience right from the beginning, and I quote

I am happy to take any questions you may have, however if I do not have an answer or I am unsure, I would say so and note it down to research on it further.. thank you.

I tell you – best way to reduce questions lol. It’s also better to hold your hands up when you’re unsure about something rather than bluffing. The PhD is a learning process. You can’t know it all in one day. I appreciated all the comments however – it really got me thinking about alot of things and areas of my work which require further research. So it’s all good really. Out of my cohort, I came runner up to the girl who won. Oh well, guess the best woman won in that 🙂

Advice: (Maybe I should change the name of this blog to “Dear Fola…”

1. If you have to do a presentation, the first rule is to keep calm. Listen. There were presenters last week that presented their work but the nerves got the better of them and what was worse, we could see. (*Cringe*) It is better to stand their talking crap we don’t understand but doing it in a confident way lol.

2.Researcher you work. Read through and master your arguments. Don’t go and present and be confused. Know the basic points that you can defend when asked.

3. Prepare for difficult questions. If you’re a PhD student, you’ll always get that question

so how does your PhD contribute to knowledge?

To be honest, its an answer you should have at the back of your mind from the beginning of your course. Depending on how your research progresses, your initial aim can change. Having an answer is not only for the purposes of conferences but generally speaking. Anyone can ask you what your PhD hopes to achieve. Have an answer.

4. Learn from others. Doing a PhD is not just about doing your own research. It’s about expanding your own knowledge, generally. Don’t limit your knowledge to only your field. Learn about other peoples work also. Last week I learnt about Child Trafficking and the provisions in Jordan. Sure i had a broad idea, but if you are considering Academia as a possible route, you’ll have to learn to expand your mind. Stretch your analytical mind beyond what you already know.

5. Be prepared to take the “constructive criticism” to enhance your work. There is nothing worse than hearing someone who teaches a completely different subject to your research and hearing them “comment” on your work. Particularly if the comment is bad. However, challenge yourself to do two things:
A) take that comment and consider if its something you can look at in your work. What made the person say that in the first place? Is there something in the work that needs more attention?
B) if you aren’t comfortable discussing it whilst the spotlight is on you (twirls hair lolllll…) Then approach the person later and get further clarification. It can’t hurt and maybe, it might actually help.

So thats basically it. I hope you guys find the tips useful 🙂

Part Two:


So I’m part of a group that is organising an event- Speed Networking for professionals.

Basically it is very similar to Speed Dating. You’ll circulate the room and have 5 minutes to discuss with the person sitting in front of you.  It’s the perfect opportunity to perfect your 30 second pitch AND make new connections. Its going to be fun and the view of the venue is ammmazeballs. I enclose the link below – tell your professional friends to tell their professional friends to come!!

Anyhow. I have exhausted my fingers mehn. I shall post again later this week.

Have a great one!!

Fols ✌

2 thoughts on “Conference Time & Speed Networking.

  1. Extremely useful tips, folsh… As always. I believe these tips are necessary for undergrads as well! Knowing what you want to do and putting your heart into it is the best thing that can happen to any one in uni.
    BTW, do you have an idea of when the next speed networking event would hold?

    1. Gracias, Gracias -:)

      Absolutely. I think it can be transferred across practically anything – not even just law related.

      I think after this one, maybe August? I’ll have to double check, but I will definitely keep you posted.

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