…Technical Errors & Then Some.

Hey guys!

First and Foremost, I want to congratulate Dr Tomi Oladepo!!! She passed her viva a few days ago – giiirrrrrrrrl!!! I am sooo excited for her! #PhDSurvivor 😙❤😙
Shes the owner of stylishacademic.wordpress.com and now, she has a new website!! Be sure to check it out:


On to today’s musings..

So after work yesterday,  I had an amazing dinner date with a long time friend. Busaba Eathai, is one of my favourite restaurants. If you haven’t been, I recommend. Their calamari is off the hook!


Fast forward to 9:30 when i eventually get home..disaster.co.uk/I-Almost-Threw-My-Laptop-aon-The-Floor!!! Nahhh.

The beginning of the end?

Ok it started great…my creative juices were flowing and everything. Anyone that knows me knows I work harder and better on a full stomach. So after a great dinner and amazing company,( my friend is HOT by the way so i am trying to market him. Please enquire within, Gracias.) I got in and thought yes baby girl.., I’m going to hammer out my discussion on Mergers and Aquisitions. Some true legal analysis followed by serious comments. I was in my zone yo!!!

Anyway. So after my issues with my laptop – mummy dearest bought me a new one. God bless her for me real good.  Unfortunately for me however, either I am still adjusting to it or I made a very stupid mistake. I pick the latter. Remember me telling you I hate USB sticks? Well it would seem that using one could have saved me from last night’s drama.

Anyway, the gist of the matter. I spent the best part of three hours typing unconditionally…only for it to disappear. Literally disappeared into thin air. When I downloaded the atttahment from my email, I clicked “open” rather than “save”. So only God knows where all that work has gone. I’ve checked everywhere – temp files, downloaded files..the whole shebang. I can tell you – annoyed does not cut it.

Anyway, I decided to go back to tbe drawing board RE: this work.
I guess its a small..very small blessing in disguise. My “boss” is away this week and i finished all my tasks – my creative juices came aliiive!!! I actually made more progress today than I did last night when I was high on Thai food and good wine. So ya…it all worked out fine in the end. 👐👌

Less I forget, there is a networking event which I want to invite you guys to. Its going to be in two weeks – around the City (London) area. I’ll keep you guys posted.

The aim: Basically the event is going to be “Speed Networking” – Very similar to speed dating…without the intention of dating obviously. ( I’m sure some people would get a hook up from it tho LOL) Its a great way to meet new people and of course, to expand your connections. As I said, I’ll keep you guys posted 😀

I’m currently listening to John Legend on the train. Miming the words and the lady opposite me is staring in absolute disappproval. Bleh. Its a great song

Ciao guys !


Fols ✌

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