…Weekend Bants.

Hi lovelies!!

Happpppy Birthday to Ms Tochie & Oyindamola…have a great one darlings *big slooopppy kiss!!*

Last weekend was suuuuuper fun. Just wanted to share it with you guys.


I met up with some friends after work to discuss some projects we have this year. Anyway, we went to a really nice restaurant – (loved the food)…wine was also amazeballs. So during the course, a friend’s cutlery had a sharp piece of metal on the knife. Dramatic man that he is lol..he said he was about to faint. * rolls eyes*

Cut a long story short, I insisted on getting the manager et al. So she comes ( with this I-don’t-care attitude which totally fazes me.) and is sooo unhelpful!! We got to the till and shes still forming her “not interested face. I obviously swing into lawyer mode. Told the woman about the discomfort my friend felt and she offers a discount on the food. See pics below.





Saturday was supposed to be writing 5.0. I did do some, but I had to cut that down as I had an aunts 50th to attend. P.S – she looked AMAZING!! My family is party central – love it! Honestly, when I need to do a party, I only need to tell them on the whatsapp group ( yes we have a group lol) and that’s enough for attendance. Anyway, that was super fun.



Church was just amazing. I got there late (judge me later lol…🙈🙈) but nonetheless, I got there. Fast forward to 6pm, I had dinner with two friends. We tried this South African place in Soho. Gosh, I don’t think we can get  bored of Wardor Street honestly. There are Sooooo many places to check out!!

These two particular women I literally just LOVE. Like, seriously. We went to uni together and they are just ACE! I was having a conversation with someone yesterday about “friendship” and how everyone uses it soooo losely. Listen..I have more acquaintances than I do friends. And that suits me just fine. I feel like I should do a separate post on this, but trust me, you really only need a handful. #KeepThatCircleSmall


A) Pre Church:  I am looking for that “thing” in the floor.
B) Post Church: I changed blazer for dinner lol. It didn’t match my handbag!




So yaaaaa. That’s pretty much it.

Ciao xx

Fols ✌

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