…Breaking Into The “Writing Zone” – The 5 Step Process. Level 2.0

Hi guys!

Today’s post is going to be about getting into the writing zone.

Hopefully, you can translate my small ideas into your everyday work life.

I am pleased to report that the IBA gig is going great! I actually like my work colleagues ( for a change LOL). So I am into week #2 and it is just fab, honestly. We took a picture actually yesterday so they could send it round to the office staff. I will put it up, as soon as I get the other people who are in  the pictures permission. I don’t want to go and do an Aunty Linda Ikeji now!!

Whilst I am at the IBA, I am obviously still working on my thesis. I feel like I am doing so many things all at once!

1. Looking fabulous for work (juggling hair and make up in the morning) THEN battling the Hammersmith and City Line. Honestly, why do people just like to be in your personal space? Breathing on you like it’s cool. UGH.

2. Trying to eat at as many cool places (Yes, that “diet” went right out of the window). I feel my size 14 pending, not cool.

3. Trying to actually do some work! It is not easy to maintain this Baby Girl Lifestyle folks. It’s hard WORK!

Anyway, on to serious business. I wanted to share my 5 step process with you guys. Maybe it’ll work for you.

1. Have a plan.

I don’t know about you guys,  but I personally don’t just “write”. It is a good idea to  organise your diary. List what you need to work on for either the day or the week. Plan ahead and have a brief outline of the areas you want to focus on. I have a weird way of working –  I organise my work into particular sections and when i find that something is not working or I get stuck, I leave a space and move on to the next part. Sometimes, I even put questions there in the form of bullet points. When I come back to it, I usually have a fresh approach to it. It might not be the best way to work, but it works for me personally. You know yourself and you know your weaknesses. All in all, have a plan.


2. Get enough sleep

Look. Sleep is an important factor in life. I am not just saying that because it is something I like to do (ALOT), but it is honestly. I have this friend* and she can sleep for London. Her day consists of waking up, breakfast, then sleep. Then maybe a book, then sleep again. So if there is anyone I know that is falls under the definition of “well rested” it is certainly Mrs A.

It is always a good idea to get enough sleep – it gives you a clear mind to work. Again, you know what works best for you. If you work better during the day, make sure you work, accomplish something and then sleep. If you work better during the night, sleep during the day and then work at night. Whatever you do, get enough sleep.


3. Have a Gadget Free Day

If there is one thing I cannot live without, it is my phone. And my iPad. And my other phone. And my laptop. Ok, basically, I like my gadgets. I cannot really do without them to be honest with you. However, sometimes, I find that I need to completely shut down from the world and and turn everything off. When I do this, it really does help me get into the writing zone. Its hard at first, but honestly, it helps!

no phone

4. Don’t waste a day

Let me be realistic with you – writing will not happen every day. There will be some days that you just don’t want to write ANYTHING. There will be some days when writing will just seem like too much work. Newsflash, it is ok. My advice is to just not waste the day. Find something else related to you work. It could be editing your  footnotes, it could be looking up articles in relation to a specific topic you are covering in you chapter. It could just be checking out other people who are researching or have written similarly to you. But basically, don’t waste the day.


5. Read something away from your research/ Go to the Movies/ Go shopping

I think I remember posting that I was trying to read 20 novels this year? Ok, so far so good, I am only on #3 but I will get there. Even if I don’t, I’ll read at least 10. You shouldn’t let your life be just work work and research. It is important to stretch your mind away and let novels/fiction books, whatever play with your imagination. It is ok to reward yourself and chill out. If you are not so much a reader, that’s fine – it’s not for everybody. I do suggest you do something away from writing though occasionally. It will help you get into the zone yo! I like a bit of everything, so reading, movies and shopping. (P.S, I think I am the one in the middle. She has more shopping bags:D )

shoppong thre

So ya. I really need to learn to do short posts. I worry sometimes that you can get half way and be like Fola has started again. * makes mental note to make posts a bit shorter*

Okies my lovlies, ciao ciao!


P.S All images from google.

(All this copyright and taking pictures malarky….)

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