..The International Bar Association

..First Day Bants!

So my “big” news.

Sorry to disappoint you guys, its not a ring LOL. *tears*

I was offered an internship at the International Bar Association in London a few months ago!

We had to give them some baby pink stuufffss 😍❤️

Interview Blues:

I remember going for the interview last year and thinking afterwards, “Oh, my God I’ve messed up.”

I’m usually a good judge post interview performance, but on this occasion, I really couldn’t tell. I actually called my friend and had a verrrry long moan on the phone about it. I dunno how he puts up with me sometimes honestly.

Anyway, after two weeks, I got an email congratulating me on the successful outcome and offering me a place there..asking me to accept or decline. Brrrrruh! Obviously I accepted it. I was genuinely shocked. Shocked because during the interview or should I say “grilling”, it got to a stage where I was just mumbling. Mumbling about stuff that even I knew did not make any sense. I didn’t understand why they even picked me…it was that bad.  Anyway, in the midst of my “not understanding”,  my mother dearest said, and I quote,

 “It is God – you don’t need to understand. You just need to reply the email and go start when they give you a date.”

Listen.. I just followed her instruction, (not advice, instruction LOL) and hey. Here I am.

So day one. So far, so good. My work colleagues are all cool so I hope that goes down fine. I hate office politics but on internships particularly, it’s almost like a competition right from the beginning. I wish I could tell you about some of the projects I am working on but I signed one of those agreement thingys. LOL sarrry!

So the next time you go for an interview and you think you have performed badly..it may not be as bad as you think. When you do go, make sure you prepare and read ahead on current topics related to where you are interviewing at. The last thing you want to do is go there and be completely unprepared. Also, it is not a good look.

I can already tell it’s going to be a great experience. I might even treat myself to a nice handbag. ✌️😎

You guys have a great day now,



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