…New Month & Dental Woes.

Happy Easter Sunday and Happy New Month!! I hope you haven’t been eating too many Easter eggs. If so, likely to end up with teething problems…(see post below..)

Seeing this new month is a blessing – I’m so greatful it’s here! So just  to give you all a mini update.

Remember my toothache? Yes, that. Well…I had the tooth removed last week and I am please to say I feel much better now. Gap in my mouth, but it’s all the way at the back. Thankfully, I rarely laugh, loudly and when I do, it’s never with my mouth wide open. However I know that occasionally, the time for drunken laughter may surface, so I have been training myself to avoid that ish. And when in doubt,  give them the closed smile and do it with your eyes. It’s all in the eyes baby!  (Fola-Special)

My dentist on the other hand, that’s another story. So I refused local anesthetic because I genuinely hate needles. Most especially, by the dentist. I was thus referred to another clinic to a dentist which I have seen before. Here was me thinking it would be an easy trip. How wrong was I?

First, he couldn’t find a vein. I want to believe it’s because I am coloured. But I won’t be so naive. However, after poking my arms three times, he finally found a vein. Ok cool. So he injects this white milky stuff and before you know it, I’ve “gone”.

25 minutes later, the procedure is done. Only for the anesthetist to tell myself and those who accompanied me, and I quote:

” I think she’s unsuitable for sedation. She was “out of control” and constantly fighting the dentist. They almost had to cancel the procedure.”

Erm, what?!

After you guys collected my £50.50 ( plus my consultation at my other dentist, £18.50) you guys wanna tell me I am “unsuitable”?! The silly goats even removed me from their patient list! I’m not sure they can do that actually – going to have to check that out. Anyway, yes, they removed me in short. Good riddance to them also! I could have invested in a new pair of work shoes.

So yes, that was my trip to the dentist. Piece of advice kids: stay away from sweets, especially if you know you have a history of teeth issues!

That aside, I have some news. But I’ll post that in a separate post soon.

Ooh thesis – progressing, progressing. Progressing well actually. I read over what it had written and damn girl, you wrote good. (I think..). I finally get what my supervisor said when he was talking about the “sense of achievement” you get when you write something and you have time to reflect on your hard work. I tell you what, I’m reflecting all right. Not quite there, but soon come. ✌️

Ohh and lastly before I go. I stumbled across “Real Houswives of Atlanta” this afternoon. Excuse me, but where have I been?!! I had no idea it was that hillarious! I have made a mental note to start watching it. I know I’m late, blah blah. I’ll watch it online.

Till later folks



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