Loans for Further Study

Hi guys!

Happy Palm Sunday. I hope you are all enjoying Church service. Better still, hope you went looking 😍. I know I did 😎 #TheyHatingOnUsCosWeFabulousBaby

So just a quick one.  I know that a hindrance for some people furthering their education is funding. So, I thought I would throw a little light.

I got an email this morning that the Government has announced loans for Research-Based Masters and PhD students. These loans will be up to the tune of £25,000.  (Loans for Taught Masters are due to start next year – keep your eyes open for that. ) The loans which are available are separate from any other funding which may be available. (I.E Research council funding etc..)  The criteria of those eligible has not been defined yet – so there’s no clue as to if it would extend to International Students also. I hope so sha. Anyway, keep your eyes open for that for further information.

Although it’s helpful, one should be mindful that it is a LOAN which has to be repaid. I know  it would certainly help with studying, but remember it’s a loan!  Education is a definately an investment, but you still have to think very carefully if it’s for you.

Anyway – full information available in the link below.

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