..Picking a Research Area.

Morning guys.

Quick congratuations to my dearest Ify on her introduction. God bless you and Mr D reeeeeeal good ❤️❤️

Also, Mr Bond – get well soon. ❤️😘❤️

I know I know..absent again from class. Valid reasons again I promise. Let’s start in order of priority.

1. I had/have a toothache. If anyone has ever had a toothache before, you know exactly what I mean.  That resounding pain that just hurts and aches and hurts nonstop. It is SO PAINFUL. I actually wish this on my enemy as it’s the worst form of pain. Judge me later please..,Anyway, that’s one.

2. My phone broke. I do a lot of my blogging on the go so my phone is my everything. After food lol. I went shopping last Sat, saw a beeeautiful pair of ripped jeans and thought I’d send a picture to my friend for her opinion. Then, my phone dropped. Splat. On.The.Floor. Omg! If u have a Samsung, you’ll know fixing the screen is an arm and a leg and it’s the start of more problems. Anyway, got to the phone shop determined and the guy didn’t have the screen…telling me I have to wait three days.  And I was sooo not going to use a brick phone. My sister volunteered her old iPhone 5s which has a cracked screen. ( we are both hopeless with phones)  So I thought sure, why not. Fixed it now, lost a lot of contacts but I didn’t mind. Only for me to DROP the same phone a week later. I was boiiiiiling!!!! I’m a clutz when it comes to electricals – I know. Fixed the screen again – I might as well have fixed the first though!!

A lot of my drafts are on that phone so forgive me whilst I get myself together again lol.

3. My workload is literally touching the sky. Ah- it’s ridiculous honestly.  I am almost done but have been channelling a lot of energy into it. So ya..sorry!! On to today’s musings…


Today’s post will be about picking a research topic and writing a good proposal.

I have chosen to blog about this topic for a few reasons. Firstly, I have been getting a lot of questions via email about how to decide what to write on.  A very valid question but on the other hand, it then draws on to the next question;  ” why are you doing it in the first place?”

Secondly, it’s important that you are comfortable with your research topic – you will be spending the best part of three years on it. The last thing you want is to be unsure or worse, hate the topic.

Thirdly,  draws back onto my first point – why are you doing it in the first place?  I met someone recently who said he was applying to do a PhD this year. Great stuff. So I asked (genuinely)  “so what’s your phd on?”  His reply: ” ooh.  I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. I just like the idea of having Dr beside my name.”

I actually froze.

This guy was actually serious about it. In my mind, I was like so you’re doing this because you want to have Dr after your name?  Valid reason ( I think)..or maybe you’re just work shy LOL. In deciding if a PhD itself is for you, please refer to my earlier post Here.

The best way I think to pick an area is to decide what you are interested in.  Anyone who knows me knows I am interested in two things – business and money.  So when I was going to do a research course, it really was a no brainer. Tap into that banking industry in Nigeria and try and identify why they are having so many problems. Become a Policy Expert. Tap into consulting for the bigger organisations Simple.✒️ It still goes back to you seeing the bigger picture which I have mentioned in my earlier posts. What your interested in now is ur indicator for the larger picture.

Advice – 7 step

  1. So when you’re picking a topic,  please pick something that you know you’re interested in. It is so important. You cannot afford to spend the next three years or so of your life doing something you hate. I guarantee, you’d rather stick pins In your eyes.
  2. Make sure you have done enough research on the area to ensure that it’s something you really want to do. This relates to the first point
  3. Your proposal is your starting point. That lays the foundation really. Having said that it may end up just being your indicator – don’t be surprised if your end result is different to what you wrote in your proposal initially. Mine is VERY different. It’s the evolvement of the PhD journey.
  4. Your research proposal itself is your opportunity to showcase yourself to your potential supervisor. Again, it is important that it stands out and you can show that you have done enough background research to take it onto a full blown PhD.
  5. Writing the actual proposal –  IDENTIFICATION OF A PROBLEM. 
  6. Identify your objectives for the research and identify the problems you have observed. Identify how you think they can be solved. Listen, I already said it’s unlikely ur PhD will save the world. What supervisors are looking for is potential in your work. Potential  that you have seen a problem and ur able to set out ways for reform. That’s why your proposal is ur starting point…and a successful PhD is hinged on it. I can safely say this for social sciences – don’t take my word for science subjects lol.
  7. Depending on the university- proposal word counts can vary. Some ask for 500 words – (abstract really), some ask for 3k. Whatever the amount, package it in a neat and consise way. Don’t ramble. Go straight to the point and hit them with some well researched analysis. Avoid writing long sentences, being descriptive and beating around the bush. Supervisors don’t have time to be searching around for what you are trying to say. Don’t forget, PhD places are competitive so you aren’t the only one applying. I don’t need to apologise for my bluntness again right? Ok, sorry.


That’s about it. Not a very long post today lol. I do have a few more posts this week ( to make up for my absence lollll)




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