..50 shades of beautiful?

Morning guys..

Happy belated Valentines everyone…I hope you guys had fun. I’m writing this in bed because I have a long day ahead and may not get the chance later. It’s not a very long post so don’t worry 🙂

Soo last night, I went to see 50 shades of Grey at Odeon, Greenwich. Originally, we were supposed to see the 9.15 but parking was a nightmare so we ended up missing that one and seeing the 10.15. So with an hour to kill,(minus commercials..) we decided to get a drink. Ughhh….everywhere was so busy!!  We eventually chose to drive down to Woolwich and ended up at Nandos. Omg, that place..very rowdy somehow somehow. Two glasses of wine later…(ok three for me)and a very rude waitress, we took our leave and returned to the Cinema.


I’m not quite sure what to make of it. It was an ok film, but if you haven’t seen it yet – do not hold your breath. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the movie – I think it was just way overhyped.  I know the film is an adaptation of the book, but I felt like
a) they filmed as if everyone had read the book
b) they missed out major (ok maybe minor) parts so if you hadn’t read the book, it would take you a while to catch up.

I liked Dakota (Anastasia’s) acting though. It was this vulnerable girl without the over acting. So I suspect this film will really boost her career.

The sex:

The highlight of the film was obviously sex. 95% of people who came out yest watched 50 shades purely for the these scenes -lets call a spade a spade. But even at that, I don’t know. It wasn’t as raunchy as the book. So…I dunno. In this case, imagination works best. My female friend who saw the film before me said she was tired of seeing Anastasia’s naked body LOL. I admit…After a while I was like “someone, please hand this babe some clothes. She’s gonna catch a cold yo.”


I think the film was to encourage couples to “explore” other things rather than just the bare basic. So just to throw some academic light on this while I can, exploring is defo a good idea when it comes to your work. Don’t be afraid to try out something new – a new approach. Something different. Remember, the PhD is awarded based on your ability to conrribute something original . So yes..try out a different approach than what you would usually. Look at your research from a different angle. It may be difficult at first but everything in life is trial and error. Take a topic which is not so popular and turn it into ur niche area. This is where your originality comes from. Challenge yourself to do something different. – test your limits. If you normally write 500 words a day, (as exhausting as that is, believe me) take it up a notch and write 1000. If it doesn’t work, thats ok. Try out something else -bottom line, TRY -:)

So ya. That’s basically it. Going back to the film, it was just ok. I still prefer the book – although it was, in my opinion poorly written.  Having said that, I loved the idea..just not the delivery so much. Anwyay if you haven’t seen it, I hope I haven’t discouraged you too much LOL.

My aunt is having her Introduction later today – an opportunity to eat to my hearts content.  I am going to have tres fun with that. You guys enjoy the rest of your Sunday !



Photo Credit : Google
Photo Credit (2) My semi cracked (in the corner…) Samsung

Fols ✌

2 thoughts on “..50 shades of beautiful?

  1. First the book… Too much hype which put me off reading it and now the film…

    Your write up has informed by decision to wait till it’s available on dvd.

    Thanks a bunch.


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