Advice for Young Academics …

Hi guys!

Hope your week is going good. Mine is going…well. Well enough LOL. Finally watched Spiderman (Do not judge me, I know I am late..) And it was amazing! So sad that Gwen dies in the end:'(:'(:'(

Thank you to the emails I received RE: the scholarships in my last post. I am thrilled you found them useful. I will be posting some more possibly this week or late next week.

So this afternoon, I came across this Post by Stylishacademic( It’s a topic which is currently trending on Twitter : #AdviceForYoungAcademics.

So this post is just a bit of encouragement – whether it’s a thesis ur doing or ur dissertation. There are two particular tweets I liked which ill discuss a bit:

1. “It’s ok to change your goals and direction – nothing is set in stone”
2. “Girls especially: DO NOT start a question with “I’m sorry.” You are valuable, your questions are valuable.

I could not have put either better myself. Whether it’s a PhD or Masters Programme you’re doing. It is OK to change your goal and directions. Just because you go to law school, doesn’t mean you must be a lawyer. Just because you studied Biochemistry, it isn’t a must you go into thay field. I have a friend who studied the latter…he’s a project manager now. Not exactly lab based now is he?!

The point is anyway don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board if necessary. It is ok to switch up your goals to fit your current needs.

I have talked about the difficulties women can face when it comes to being the only sex in that department and also the scrutiny the face at conferences from other Professors. I shan’t bore you further but know this – your questions are VALID and they are VALUABLE.

Anyway. Enough of this philosophical stuff. I have some Peppersoup to finish. Till our next post..maybe before the week is out. Have a fabulous Valentines…I know I will -:D

Ciao Beautifuls,


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