…Scholarships 2015/2016

Hi Guys

So just a very quick one. On the newly created Scholarship section, I have listed a few scholarships which I came across. Some are law related – like the first one is at the University of Westminster. ( My Old Uni :D) They are offering 5 PhD law Studentships to Home and International Students. They are also offering the opportunity to 1) teach on one of their Core LLB Modules and 2) take a Higher Education course ( Post-Graduate Teaching Certificate) which is very useful if you decide to go into Academia. And if your like me who’s undecided. That one too dey -:)

There’s also one from the University of Sheffield – Undergraduate Scholarships so anything from Law to Engineering. Again, have a look or recommend to someone who you think may find it useful.

Apologies as I am still undergoing some reconstruction – I am actually quite terrible at WordPress settings and I have only just learnt how to use this Dashboard thingy properly. Still learning!! I still have a few more sections I want to add so please bear with me 🙂

P.S. The Nigerian Law School’s Bar One forms are now open for this years intake.

Have a great one


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