..Content Update and General Ramblings.

Happy New Month Guys!!

So “Afollypeprempe.Wordpress.com”  has undergone a bit of a transformation. I have a new theme for the website and I have made a few other general changes.

I have added a new section to the main page which I will be updating regularly with Scholarships which are available for both Home/EU and International Students. I hope you find it helpful 🙂

Today, I didn’t go to Church. Ugh, bad bad Fola. To think, I had washed my car (in and out), picked a badass outfit to wear as per Thanksgiving Sunday – (gats to kill em small..) Then, I overslept. Error. I calmly respected myself, made indomie & stew and stayed in bed. Please, I cant shout.

General Ramblings and the expansion of knowledge..

So I have been attending one of my Supervisors classes for the last few weeks. This is for two reasons.

1. One of my chapters is going to be on Corporate Governance/Corporate Social Responsibility. I did my basic reading before attending the class, but I was surprised to see how much I did not actually know. I used attending this class as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and gain a basic foundation of my new topic for the next few months.

2. People always think that because you’re doing a PhD, you suddenly know everything there is to know about every thing and every topic. I have had it all – people asking me questions about various stuff and presuming I know the answer to it. Well sorry, I don’t know everything! So, I am attending this class as an opportunity to learn another subject.

MORAL: Knowledge is POWER!!

A friend of mine who’s also a Doctoral Researcher has decided to start attending other classes which is another area of law. So right now, he’s attending IP classes and his research is in Arbitration. I like this idea. It’s an opportunity because a) its free. My days of attending LLM classess are SO GONE! b) it’s an opportunity to expand on your knowledge.

Listen. You can’t afford to stick to ur subject area. Whilst you need to be all about this PhD and treat it like a 9-5, (More about that in my next post..) You still need to cultivate your knowledge and update your  ability to learn a completely new area. It’s important to keep the larger picture in full view, always. When you finish this PhD, you may be lucky enough to get a job fall into your lap. You also may not. Its important to be able to have more to contribute than just what you spent three years doing. So, if you have the opportunity, try and attend a class which tickles your fancy or you’ve always been interested in.

Other Ramblings..

So far, my thesis is shaping up well. Its helpful as there’s a lot of information on the next chapter I am working on. The problem however is you have University Professors citing Wikipedia as a source! Its so irritating honestly.

So that’s about it tonight. I do have a long night pending. I have some icecream which needs to be eaten and  some articles to read through. Then, I’ll call it a night.

I actually have some news I’m itching to share, but more about that later!!!

Have a great one.

Fols ✌

2 thoughts on “..Content Update and General Ramblings.

  1. Share the good news already. I’m taking it for granted that it’s good news.

    You love to keep us stans, waiting.

    And oh yeah, we love your ramblings.
    We truly do.

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