..2015, The beginning.

Good evening world!!!

Happy New Year again. Surely I’m not the only one tired of hearing that.


2015 is indeed starting off with a bang…I tell you now, I am Verrrry optimistic about this year.

Congratulations to Mr M – Newest JP Morgan employee..I am TRES excited on this journey God is taking you on. It’s just the start! 😙

Also want to congratulate a big sis of mine. Everyone in London is like your sister from another mother who just becomes family. Anyway, she’s a nurse but was recently offered a senior role with an amazing better pay package. Can I get an AMEN? Told ya..very optimistic about this year.

I’m just posting quickly to let u know I’m still around!! Can I ask you  guys to visit and vote on this  website? Its for my “wifey”. #NoHomo.  😙😙 It’ll take you 30 seconds!! I’d be so greatful -:)

W: Maxwellpolls.com

Also and finally –  I have a new hairstyle RE: picture below.

You guys have a great evening now!



Fols ✌

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