Closer to 30…:)

Hi guys.

This is probably the quickest post in my small posting HISTORY! I want to say thank you to every single person who has read my posts and has found the advice useful.

I’m using this opportunity to say a MASSSSSIVE Thank You the Almighty..I feel so humbled. I literally COULD NOT have gone this far without His Grace.

This my darlings, is what another year closer to 30 looks like. (RE: Pictures below) LOL ..keep guessing my age yo!!


I actually feel quite empowered. I was half dreading it…but now, it honestly feels great. You are as young as you feel.. so clearly everything is in the mind. You can do absolutely ANYTHING when you put your mind to it darlings. Age aint nothing but a number…Unless you’re like 70. Then maybe you should take it easy lolll.

I hope you guys are having as much fun as I am today. #TurnUpWithFoodPending

P.S – Not sure why my sister changed my name from Shade to Shrek. Can I return my 30 days up for an exchange?

But ok -:)

P.P.S – its so weird seeing your face all over bbm and whatsapp. Nice but weird LOL. Gat me feeling like a mini celebrity !






Take it easy



Fols ✌

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