..So Far, So Good.

Happy New Month guys!! ☺

So. It’s been a while since I posted something I know – sorry! So much has been going on. As I am writing this post, I’m racking my brain for a title. Nothing yet. So let’s hope something comes before I actually post! Basically though, this post will be abit about everything I have been up to so far. I’ll summarise into the following though:

1. My laptop Woes: My goodness they were woes!

2. Writing Challenges and replying emails : Why so difficult?

3. Networking Dramas..or not.

The last few weeks have been mega busy. So many good, bad and completely ugly things!( I’ll share all that below)

Oh, Congratulations to everyone who got called to the Nigerian Bar last week!

Few other congratulations:
1.I would like to congratulate Mr Faith on his new job – I am soooooooo excited for ya!!
2. Mr Ayo and his lovely fiancé on their engagement…#TurnUp! 💖💖💖💖💖💖

I have literally spent the last few weeks in front of my laptop, every night. Ok – minus Saturday night two weeks ago,  Thurs the week before and last Sat just gone. I spent that in front of my laptop but eating fish and online shopping. RE: picture below.

I’m currently working on a particular chapter and thank God, I am making progress. Ugh, ill say that now then tomorrow come and complain to you people about ‘writers block…’. I tire for myself, really.

The bad: Laptop Woes..

So I don’t remember if I mentioned in my previous posts but my laptop has been extremly temperamental of recent. One evening, as I was minding my own buisness,  drinking my supermalt and thinkin of these gorgeous Feragammo shoes (I am a size 7 if you are interested in blessing me, tenks in advance..) and my laptop decided to just go off. Now this is a laptop containing PhD work. Not just my Christmas wishlist. I nearly fainted. In fact, the supermalt had travelled down the wrong tube. I couldn’t remember if I had emailed my work to myself. I literally started panicking.

Anyway, I took the laptop to the repair shop and the man was initially using me for shakara saying he didn’t have time till the following week. Again, I nearly fainted. After much cajoling I sha begged him to fit it into the current week that I needed to make use of it, I would add something small on top. Just look at what 9ja life has done to me? I am bribing someone to fix my laptop on top the money that I will PAY. No be free o! Anyway he sha fixed it, I added £10 and everybody continued to bear their fathers name.

After my laptop issues I vowed to email my work to myself every 25 minutes. I don’t trust USB sticks as I have had bad experiences with them. Unless its a uni computer and I know if my work disappears I will make a song and dance of it. The laptop drama made me a bit lazy sha I admit. Maybe not lazy per say, but certainly unmotivated. Look, not everday motivation, some days, pray you wake up and the PhD falls into thy lap. Yh -I’m still praying on that. Doesn’t look like God is answering that prayer sha.

After the whole laptop shenanigans, I decided to make a six month plan. It was when I wrote MAY that I realised Fola, you’ll be finishing up soon o. Like get on with it, pronoto. After making the plan, I got a bit more ‘gingered’.

The Good: The Six Months Plan:

The plan was a way of gingering myself to do some work. It worked! Before I made it tho, I was cautious to do only the first six. In fact, I would have said first three, but i thought that wouldn’t be challenging enough. I also realised that thinking about anything beyond the initial six months started to give me a headache. So. I set a six month target, subject to review in six months time. If you see small traits of yourself in me, I advise you do the same!

Writing Challenges…

Laptop induced laziness aside, I really have been making really good progress the last few weeks – This is mostly pre & post plan that I made and also due to me sending off emails to some people in Nigeria, stylishly begging people to help me with some material. Some responded, some ignored but most importantly some helped. Heck, I even went on to twitter to send private messages to people. I was at the point of desperation!  I initially had to googled most of my targets (lol, sounds like something from a James Bond movie…). Anyway there was one guy/man (I dunno..) I had in mind and he was a bit difficult to find.

My google searches ususally direct me on to LinkedIn but unfortunately for me he wasn’t there. Anwyay, after much detective work, I sha found him and the law firm he works at – plucked courage and sent him an email. Very fanciful email o. Dear Sir, every every. You know the stylish type email na. The type that makes you the email recipient too stalk the sender on Linkedin. Yh, that type. Anyway, I sha discovered he was someone that followed me on Twitter. Even berra! Sent a DM after a few hours – he responded. Very polite someborry. Something of a handsome person sef. But yh wharevas. We are still bouncing messages back and forth, but my sources tell me he is a very correct guy and will look for the info I need for me.

Moral of the story: if you’re researching on an area which obtaining data is hard, start emailing people in that area. I am sure I may have said this before, but in case you missed it – there it is again.

The Ugly: Ignoring emails:

Its annoying when you email someone and they do not respond. I was on Instagram a few days ago and saw this lovely Ralph Lauren bag. It was posted by a lady who runs a personal shopping business. It was 😍🔥. Nah, beaurrriful stoffs. Neatly done, it was just screaming ‘Buy me Fola..please..’  Those who know me, know i am a bag-a-holic. Anyway, I enquired about her from a friend in law school, who described her as very reliable. Me being me however, I was still slightly skeptical. I sha sent an email to her, enquiring about this lovely bag. She responded a few hours later I think. I was initially impressed. Sent a counter email, asking her to please send me a few more pictures and to include the cost of shipping and her own fees, etc. She replied that she would. Coolies. I waited the first day, no reply. Second day, no reply.  Ah ah, in my mind I was like wharappen. After day three I sent her an email expressing my disappointment at her lack of communication. In future, she should please try to reply emails – bad for business and all. Politely o. I even wished her a great weekend.

She now replied with three excuses which totally set me off.

1. She didn’t have access to the bag to send me more pictures
2. Something about about a holiday period ( Thanksgiving)
3. She was out of town and just got back.

I didn’t even have time to process all the excuses. Bottom line sha is it could have been solved with a simple email.

Fola sorry I haven’t replied you – holiday period has made things a bit slow. Would revert to you shortly.

How simple was that? But no, had to wait for me, the customer to be chasing you with email. What Rubbish!! Even if ur client base is big, you don’t miss out on an opportunity to grow it further. Anyway, that was one irritation. Non replying of emails is basically a pain. This has been the case with a few of my seniors at the bar who I mailed for information regarding work. There’s replying late and not replying at all. So damn rude!

Bottom line:  Replying emails is two ways. You the sender – if you send an email and haven’t heard back, you too, send a follow up. If you the receiver have recieved an email, please reply. If you’re likely to forget, flag it up on your inbox. Its 2 seconds. Ugh!

Its Annoying. Period. But, it is to be expected so don’t get too discouraged if and when it does. Everyone is busy and not everyone will respond to help. Keep on at it and something will come through:)

Ugly, or just bad behaviour? : Networking Bants

Ok, last funny story for today and im off.
So a friend invited me to a networking event recently. Interesting choice of place – I liked. Met a few people I had seen at previous events and got talking. After 5 minutes, I asked if anyone wants a drink, they all said sure. So I went upstairs to the bar with the intention of buying a bottle as there were three of us. Got there and this dude at the bar ( also from the networking event) starts talking to me. Cool stuffs. We gist about the weather and work, yada yada. The bar attendant takes ages to get to us and eventually, she too forms part of our gist. I place my order but he was then on the phone so didn’t hear. By this time, my bill is being prepared and I have brought out my card to pay. Anyway, it comes to payment – he uses style to ‘want’ to pay. As a city big boy now. Fresh haircut, he is with #TeamBeardGang, the suit is looking fresh and all that jazz – only for him to realise I ordered for a bottle. He sharply tells the bar attendant the bill is separate. I know I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Ask me how much the bottle was -£22.50. Sure, you never know anyone’s pocket, but he shouldn’t have been so fast. Typical example of ‘Packaging gone WRONG!!!’

We now got downstairs and as he’s leaving he wants to exchange buisness cards. In my mind, I think he’s poorly attempting some damage control. I politely decline and say it won’t be necessary. So we will now go for a drink and you’ll do Part 2 of Operation – Separate-The-Bill?  Biko, please Sir, kindly maintain your lane.

So ya. Some networking events turn out to be more hillarious than expected lolll!

Just to round up, there is this LinkedIn group which I have just joined. It’s designed for researchers and academics so if you’re interested, have a look.  It’s a good platform to meet like minded people and to bounce idea’s around – I have a good feeling about it 🙂

– Young Professionals Making A Difference

I am sure I will post again before the year is out, but just in case I don’t- have a very Merry Christmas ! Xx



Fols ✌

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