..Supervisory Meetings.

Hi guys!
Let me take this opportunity to say thanks to you all. To every single person who reads my posts, thank you😗😗. Remember, plagarism is REAL o!

Ok so I promised I would tell you all about my meeting – here goes 🙂

So last week, I had the dreaded supervision meeting after I submitted some work a few weeks ago. I say dreaded – it actually wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. Yes, corrections here and there but generally speaking, it was quite good. I was able to ‘unpack’ that initial “draft” chapter and from that, create three new individual chapters. Naturally one should be excited because you’re:

a) narrowing your workload and
b) making your work more specific thus makes it more original.

I’m happy about that, just not happy at now having to unravel everything, grouping topics together and making the connects. Still, you can’t have it all now can you?

Officially officially a 2nd year student now (no pressure yh..) had my enrolment and we are good to go. However, already, I am getting a bit nervous -I will be the first to admit. Although I am semi pleased with my progress so far, I feel like I could and should have utilised my first year better. I always try to he honest with myself and right now, I know that I could have worked a lil harder and spent less time watching all my catch up series. Its not like I played around the whole time, but I know I could have done better. This is what they call serious reflection. Anyway, this was reflected in my annual review report where they set some targets by the next meeting.

Please take this advice – if you’re just gettin into your first year, Don’t be like Fola and spend the first three months letting it shack you that you’re a PhD student and the remainder of the year still letting it shack you that you’re a PhD student lol. Wasting of time and school fees oooo!  On the other hand, puttin pen to paper is not a notion which drops out of the sky, so I reckon my “reading for six months” excuse is still valid.  Strike a good balance and prioritise better.

This sounds like a repetition, but honestly,  PRIORITISE!! Now that I’m in my second year, there’s a million things I wish I had done slightly differently – utilising my time better in the first year being one. It’s a given that you should spend at least a few months reading around your topic and making notes, but really, I dont think you should spend more than 3..maybe 4 worst case.  I spent a larger chunk. The earlier you start typing, the better for you. Even if its a case that you throw half your words in the bin, I guarantee you will still have a little idea of where you’re going.
Once you have put pen to paper, the initial hard part is over. So really, prioritise well.

So a few other things:
1.Remember your supervisor is here to supervise, not take over. I’ve highlighted in previous posts the importance of having a good supervisory relationship – but don’t be afraid to talk. Your supervisor is supervising you but ultimately it is your project. Your name will go on the big book darling, not your supervisors. If you don’t agree with a view, don’t be afraid to say your mind.

2. Careful to not let your project take the shape of something your supervisor wants to research. Again, it’s your project so let that stick in your mind. Handling such issues require tactful diplomacy. While your speaking your mind, careful you don’t piss your supervisor off in the process lol.  No one wants a difficult supervisor and you don’t want to sour your relationship.

3. Can I even think of a number three sef? I think cos I have had no problems with my supervisor and I don’t pray to! But no..the above reasons pretty much summarise it all. Shikena.

Sooo I have posted twice this week already. Thats becoming a record lolll.

Have a great one!



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