Encouragement, Environments & Honest Talks With One’s Self…

Ok..so this will be a very short piece.
I’m writing this mainly to encourage anyone who feels like how I feel right about now…Exhausted!!!!

I am currently still rounding up my first chapter and article. I now understand what the term ‘under pressure’ really entails. Ugh! I have been pulling in some crazy all nighters the last few weeks and although I am having a serious moan now, I keep trying to encourage myself that it’ll be worth it in the end. He who brings you to it will give you the grace to finish it well.

Changing your working environment..

If like me, you are having difficulties concentrating, try change your working enviornment. You are not a lampost..if something isn’t working, MOVE!! I was in Starbucks this afternoon and I actually made more progress than going to uni. For me, writing at home almost always ends up in watching The Good Wife, eating pounded yam AND then sleeping. They didn’t tell me twice before I established that working from home is not my calling in life..AT all. If you aren’t able to get much work done being at home, have an honest conversation with yourself and switch to somewhere else. Try out different places…the park ( ok Summer is kinda over now judging by Sunday’s appalling rain), a coffee shop, the library, in another country even for a few days..wherever. If your environment isn’t working for you, switch it up.

Honest Conversations..

I was really devastated to hear about Robin Williams committing suicide but it really did get me thinking. Depression is real guys. Everyone is dealing with issues – one way or another. Doing a PhD doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a life outside your books. I have met a few people who have refused to talk about the challenges that they have faced during their studies – either with their research or issues they are facing in their personal life…it hasn’t always ended up good. Whatever you may be going through, please find someone to talk about it with. It is verrrry important. Most universities if not all will have graduate tutors and/or student tutors who are trained to listen. Please take advantage of that. You can’t be paying that much tuituon fee and risk loosing your sanity. Talking about it to someone, anyone will help.


Ok deep talks aside im going to get back to drinking my coffee and reading the implications for Basel II for the Nigerian Banking System for another hour. Its an interesting piece..but my goodness, so many grammatical errors, but hey. That’s none of my buisness Lool.

RIP RW. Mrs.Doubtfire was one of my favourites 💔



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