#DoroFola & the Writers Block

Hi guys,

It would appear that I am always apologising “for the late post”. This is primarily because I am trying to do at least one post a week or at least every two weeks. Not working out just yet but I’m working on it! Anyway, much has been going on..

Firstly two massive shout outs… One to MY Dr A who is now a qualified GP! *shakes bum bum*. It’s been a long time coming and words can only say how proud of him I truly am. I seriously can’t tell you guys how much LOVE I have for my Chocolate Cake!💜💜😎😎😘😘 God bless and continue to keep you for me real good baby!

The second is to the newest Dr in our department at Brunel – He passed his Viva today. So so so proud of you Matthew! let me tell you.. Three years of constant writing, erasing, editing, rewriting and what not is NOT a joke. Matthew is one of the guys who makes the journey worthwhile and the office absolute jokes! (I’m still taking your desk space yo, so hurry up and move out 😎)

Ok so on to more news.

I have listened to the feedback which I have received via email lol. I dont mind via email but you CAN comment in the “comment” section guys! It would seem people are ‘interested in my social life” – Do you have one with your massive work load? ( this was one email, in the politest of ways of course). I think she was actually a concerned citizen of my social welfare. Anyway I am taking this on board but I had actually already planned to blog about “other/social things” away from PhD Palava. So watch out for that 🙂

1. I was in Ireland for a friends wedding last week – beautiful and classy. ( I caught the bouquet by the way! ) For anyone who hasn’t been to Ireland before, I recommend you go. Also, rent a car if you aren’t staying in the city centre. It can get very tricky to get around with buses plus cabs are a rip off. If you think Abuja can prices are high, you haven’t been in a Dublin taxi yet. They will run the meter and take you on a nice merry go round. Anyway, a few pictures for you below.

2. I passed my “upgrade” exam three weeks ago. Yay me 🙂 So officially a 2nd year PhD student now. In other news, I have been working on an article for the last two months and although it’s taking good shape, I have had a writers block the last few weeks. I called my mentor and she gave the worst advice! Ok not worst, but the complete opposite end of the spectrum of what i was expecting. First she said ‘Oya, fola jump up and take encouragement’. Erm..ok. That didn’t work and then she said and I quote

There was one day I was at the Federal High Court. Suddenly, I developed diarrhoea. Searched everywhere for a toilet with no luck..the workers at the court were just for some reason or another proving unhelpful. Anyway, was able to finally locate a toilet…it didn’t have any running water. #Error. Used the toilet like that – had to flush it manually (Ewwwwwww). After doing the deeds, got locked in the toilet..literally had to beg to be let out. (At this point I’m obviously wondering how this story has anything to do with me not being able to write but being Curious Cindy, I sha continued to listen). To end, she said Fola can you see that your problem of writing is not that bad?

Ok. So in comparison to having to flush a toilet manually, (puke) maybe the writer block issue isn’t that bad. In a bid to write sha, I shopped online and now I feel better. Moral of the story ; when you have a writers block, buy some new shoes. And a blazer. And a skirt. Ok stop! Basically buy something lol. You can treat yourself to reward yourself for your hard work. Remember, this is a journey which doesn’t end one day..It’s constant work which doesn’t stop even when you pass the Almighty VIVA.

The title of this post is #DoroFola. Ok confession – this #DoroBucci song by the #Mavin crew has been out for a while (I think) and I just heard it yesterday. It doesn’t get any worse than that! Anyway I really liked the song..I love the beat and all that jazz. I am still in a battle with the issues of listening to Worldly Music and Gospel Music. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the reasons against it – the promotion of immoral acts et al. But I’m not sure I am convinced that just because you listen to it, it necessarily means that you’ll go out there and do these things. For me it’s down to your ability to not fall for that temptation and all. There are some songs which are “Worldly” But the lyrics aren’t promoting sex and drugs. Does this still mean that they off limits for Christians? But pshhh…what do I know jare. I’m saving my arguments for a later post 🙂

I reckon that’s about it for now. Till my next post!

Stay Beautiful.






2 thoughts on “#DoroFola & the Writers Block

  1. First of all… Nice piece. Secondly, that’s the worst advice you can ever give to anyone having a writers block…”go and shop”… For someone like me that can shop for Africa… I’d just max out my cards or go broke as the case may be. That has to be a “winshious” (just coined that word) advice.
    Well done on ur upgrade, in no time we would be calling you a doctor. Putting ur picture up on whatsapp and bb with the caption “so proud of u our barrister and doctor” or something cheesy. I think you have actually encouraged some of us without balls to grow a pair. Well done.
    I second your thought on Dublin. It is absolutely fantastic. A word for the wise tho: don’t go in winter. The lights are fantastic but you just might freeze to death!
    Nice piece Folshy… Keep it up!

    1. Trust this comment to come from you Tochie! Even without seeing your profile I recognise that shiny maid ish a mile off. Pls go and face your youth service woman and stop saying shopping is bad!!!

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