The beginners guide to Bar One 2014!! you have finally gotten  in for the 2014 Bar One batch.

I have been getting alot of questions via my LinkedIn inbox so i figured I would write one final post relating to Bar One Woes.  I have only listed the major questions..Everything else is condensed into the post.


Seriously, PREPARE yourself.  Since I left I have heard little or no improvements made to the “registration” process. So guys, be ready. It’s a very long process and you are likely to get very frustrated very very quickly. I can only say try to have patience. There is no point getting vexed at them because you need them for that point in time. So excercise some chill.

NLS are currently running two sets of Bar Two this year – the second cohort started in April as im sure you would have seen on their website.  This means accommodation…may be even more of a hassle this year. I’m merely making an observation sha as per my own experience.  It was only one set last year but about 30 girls didn’t have rooms in the Hostel and were forced to rent hotels for 6 weeks. Some obviously continued to  “job” their parents even after accommodation was given. * cough cough*.

So anyway, with TWO SETS, it obviously begs the question as is it going to work? Unless they have opened new halls to accommodate you 500 and something Bar One prospective students, brace yourselves for Monday’s struggle.

Your Questions:

1. Do you know where I can get the ‘medical forms?’

Sorry guys – no idea. When our set last year applied for law school,  the medical forms came as part of the application forms. Unfortunately,  it seems this year that isn’t the case. Unless they have changed the way of doing things, the medical form is essential because it’s a pre -requisite in order to be given accommodation. However if you are staying in private place then you don’t need to worry about that. The only thing I can suggest is if you are staying in the Hostels,  to make sure you find out as soon as you get there so you can get that out of the way. The accommodation queue was LONG last year – Both Bar 1 and 2. If you have to do your medical checks there,  Bwari General Hospital is  also LONG. Again, prep yourselves 🙂

2. Can I cook in my room?
Cooking is NOT allowed for any reason whatsoever. So forget bringing mini cookers and boiling rings. Obviously some people took that risk and brought it anyway..i know of someone that had a slow cooker and made indomie in her room..*cough, cough, wink wink*. If you get caught,  I’m not there o.

3. What’s an average daily budget?
Be prepared to spend at least 1k a day. Minimum. That should take care of lunch and mealtime snack. Notice how I said lunch first and not breakfast…

4. Can I bring a small TV?
The straightforward answer is no. No,  you cannot bring a TV, a microwave, a toaster..or electricals belonging to that family. Absolutely Zilch. The only exception I can think of right now is a fridge. Normally, you are not allowed them but if they allow you( I used medical grounds…or maybe I exploited my Roomies broken – leg – situation..which we argued needed constant ice LOL, who’s asking jare..) most of fridges in Nigeria will come with a padlock. So if you get lucky,  get the fridge and padlock that ish. Don’t email me that someone stole your ‘London’ food lol.

5. Recommendable ‘help’ people..?

Obviously I can only speak for the ladies.  I recommend  either: ‘Mama Bose’ or ‘Mama Cele’. They are  really hardworking, and although some of the helper women grew some wings when we returned from court attachment,  I still prefer these two.

Oh and ladies, look out for Phillip the Dry Cleaner. Sometimes he put notes in  pockets of clothes he has cleaned for you ” I like you.” Funny at the first instance but after a while its like ‘dude, what the-‘. Can’t blame him for trying na.

6. What are ‘Queries’?

Whatever you do, avoid getting a query. Avoid offending any law school staff- both lecturers, administration staff and all of the above. The consequences of that is not getting called to bar with your set.  My very good friend from two sets before told me of some people who weren’t called to bar with their set because they had a query on their name for upsetting someone in admin.  Law school is a little over a year..try to caution your tongue and overlook things that normally would cause you to flare up.

7. What do the rooms look like?

I have enclosed a picture of the room below. In most rooms, you have to put up your own Mosquito nets and the room comes looking very “bleh”. You’ll get used to it ☺

Anyway, here’s a little a reminder of essential things to pack…if you’re still in London you have the weekend to shop till you drop lol.

I’m sure you have all these things but just in case:

Money.  You can budget all you want, but unexpected costs always come up. From renting or buying your water drum to negotiating with the helper person that will work for you..right thorugh to hearing ‘ Sorry Ma, we don’t have change’ being played like a repeat record. Money matters in Nigeria and it’s not cool when you are caught unaware.

There is a zenith bank which is situated inside the law school and two ATM machines. Might be an idea to open an account there because the nearest banks (First Bank and Skye) are in Bwari town. So, if for example you have to go there because the ATM in school isn’t working AND you don’t have a car, you’d have to pay to get to the ATM and still be praying that there’s no ‘network failure ‘ so that you won’t be left stranded again.

The major things that will drain you in law school money wise are: taxi, credit and food. Oh and “entertainment”.

If you don’t have a car, those taxi people will try and job you straight away. They know you’re coming from “Abroad” therefore everything in your mind will seem cheap. Listen….Taxi is never 5k to town. Don’t even let them tell you they will turn on “AC” for you.  That’s nonsense. Me, Folashade, I haven’t paid more than 3k to town before.  There was a couple of times I even went for 2k/2,500. So don’t let them think you’re an AjeButter that doesn’t know the deal.  Try and hitch a ride with other people and contribute. We London end know about going dutch/halves on stuff anyway.

Kettle/ Iron

Rechargeable lamp ( you’ll thank me:) )

Power Pack for charging.  Again, thank me later. 

Bedsheets (Single)

Blinds – if you’re sharing alone then just buy one for your window.

Cutterly and Cup(s)

Food flask – you can always get that from Mammi Market but hey.

Rubber shoes – ladies, I know we wanna show all that swag But mehn..For the sake of those Jimmy Choo ‘s and how fine they look in the box..leave them at home. For the sake of sister hood..biko. Bwari roads will mess them up and you WILL have noone to blame but yourselves!
Oh & wellies.  Rainy season is fast approaching.


1.Most importantly, take all your shots before you leave. Yellow fever, malaria, etc. I love Nigeria, I do..but please, let’s be sensible about some things. The last thing you want is to be sick. Prevention better than cure and all that jazz.

2. Paracetamol/Ibroprufen – buy enough lol PLEASE. Pound land,  Tesco, wherever. You’ll get there now and they will sell you chalk disguised as Paracetamol. Anyway sha I have said my own.

3. Mosquito Repellent – them  mosquitoes do not joke around. Get yourself some decent stuff to prevent/reduce the chances of scars. I came back with the proof all over my arms.

4. Body spray. Body spray and More Body spray. After you have had your first week there, you WILL thank me.


I already went through this in a few previous posts. But to summarise again briefly, just buy enough to last you if you’re only staying the initial 3 months..Heavens help you if you end up staying in Bwari weekends. Snacks that you’ll miss.. cereals bars, cereals, chocolate etc. My friend told me she’s currently missing McVities Ginger Nuts because the 9ja one is a cheaper version which tastes like crap… I know exactly how she feels.

Kaftan’s – dressess which are free/easy to wear. You ain’t got time to wear all that Mac ladies when you want to go and buy indomine and egg from Mammi Market. After about the first few weeks of dressing up to go to the shops, they won’t beg you before you buy kaftan and rubber slippers.

If you’re going to buy a Kaftan, really, I’d buy it from Wuse Market BEFORE getting to law school. There’s a few people selling it there but I considered it a bump when the lady in HOSTEL A was trying to charge me like tripple the price, when i know you also bought it from WUSE. Biko, I be AjeButter abi? My friend, find yourself to Wuse Market.

Women, also bring enough underwear. You’ll be showering like no tomorrow. The heat is crazy! 

Ohhh and Law school in Abuja allow you to wear your trad on Fridays. (As of last year.. you people will get there now and say “But Fola said….!”) Unfortunately, if you pick Lagos for Bar II – no chance lol.  So my guys,  come looking sharp. Ladies. Get them ankara peplum tops out 😎

Finally, commit law school in to God’s hands. I probably should have said that first because without God none of this would be possible.

To say that law school will be a breeze would probably be an incorrect statement. There will be times that you really feel as though this is not what you signed up for and feel like you TRULY want to back out. Don’t.  You have gone through the struggles of getting the LLB..maybe even other qualifications to add to the list. The point is to stay encouraged and be reminded that it will eventually be worth it. Keep your head down,  keep God involved and you will be just fine.

Anywho… I believe my work here is done. 

Read well..but most of all,  enjoy yourselves!



A few pictures for your amusement.


This is what the rooms look like…once you have decorated it lol. (My fridge is in the left hand corner😎


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