The JayZ And Solange Show

Oh my oh my.

Academics aside, there is a major celebrity gist to discuss. 

So, it won’t be a shock to most people that a video tape was released yesterday of Solange Knowles attacking her brother in law, yes, Mr Jay Z. Oh, and Beyonce was like glue to the wall and DID NOT try to stop or intervene. I think she was worried her expensive weave would fall out. We see you girl. 

The Solange Show, Guest Appearance,  Jay Z 

But on a real. Solange….When did she become kung Foo fighter tho? Let’s call a spade a spade..she went physco on him. Although there are two sides to every story, how are you gonna be handling your brother in law like that yo?  No chill at all.

So the story plays out in two ways. Jay z being a ‘gentleman’ for not retaliating.  I must say I respect that because not a lot of guys have that patience. But you babes out there ehn, don’t be feeling hard now and think you can beat your brother in laws and he won’t retaliate. Not all men are like Jay Z and if you think they are,  biko, just dey try am, see if he won’t have your body speaking in tongues with bruises. 

Things that may have triggered the Solanges explosion/ Serious Prayer Points I have seen via Twitter et al:

1. Solange; Jay, this lift is slow

JayZ: What, like your career? 

*Proceeds to violence’

2. Yo Bey, looks like I finally found my 100th Problem. #Solange

 3. As you beat other people’s husbands, may the spirit of success of your career be beaten out. #Solange

4.  Chris Brown & Jay Z in a picture : 

 Chris: Bro that’s her?

Jay Z: Yh

Chris: No problem bro

5. Beyoncé and Olivia Pope telephone convo

Bey: Olivia baby, I got a video problem

Olivia: Bey, I’m on maternity…but consider it handled.

6. Kanye with his boys:  Khloe and Kortney KNOW better lolll. 

Oluwa-Beyonce matter.

Then, there is the matter of Aunty Beyonce. As in ehn, mama excercised plenty chill.  She is the one for Jay z to be aware of. Your sister is beating your husband up and you maintain that much decorum. That much chill. No dey even flinch small say make una no break his head for me. Boyyyyyyy.  This is some seriously drunk in love ish. Ah ah. ChukuEmeka- JayZ, my guy….biko dey fear that your Beyonce. See as she just dey observe you from front row seat.  Toh, as our first lady said, There iz God oooo!!

So All My Single-Or-Married-Ladies..

Don’t be growing liver and thinking Solange has given you wings. Whatever the situation there is never a reason to hit a woman and neither is there a reason to hit a man. Anyway if you like, go and try these dramatics with a typical Yoruba man (where I am from) and then come back and gist me. If you are still conscious that is.


There iz God oooo!!





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