Nigerian Law School…The End, Part 3.

Halloooss -:)

I am not sure why it took me so long to finish this last NLS post. Maybe it’s post-law school syndrome.

Anyway, Call to Bar was pretty amazing. Once you take away the security, the ” stand on this side jare” every 5 minutes,  “excusee me you are on my robe”, also every 5 minutes and finally girls in sky high heels but wearing flats by the time it was time for pictures.

The ceremony was quite nice – very sombre as you would expect for a ceremony as such. Oh and the one girl who practically packed up all the prizes! Massive congratualtions to her-:)

Post ceremony was long sha. Everyone rushed to the Supreme Court to enrol..what a nightmare. Over a thousand law students, correction ” lawyers” and the inability to form a straight line. It was awful honestly. Oh, and i forgot, jumping the queue…although I think I hold first position in that department. Needless to say after an hour or so of plenty pushing and shoving, I enrolled and bounced. Thank you Lord!

Play After Party..

Every year, after Call to Bar, Play hold a party to congratulate the “New Wigs”. Talk about packed. An expert in club crawling ( Yes me, during law school), every club we went to was packed. Not sure I advise it..,but after the day I had, it was really necessary to blow off some steam. Not to mention all the other people that had upped and gone to Lagos it a Bar One mini renunion.

So you have been Called to Bar…

E&R really saw alot of Nigerian customers this year. Even the visit I made there.. jeeeeeze. Talk about a queue. The weird thing is, wherever you get your wig and gown from, once you purchased it, worn it to the ceremony, taken a million and one pictures, the next thing on you’re mind is to make money. It is what is on everyones mind. I know its definately on mine. There is no more “Daddy, my book list is 100k and I need money for remedial fees which is also 100k” or “Mum, im doing lessons for the year and the cost in 300k”. Oh boy, make no mistake, once the whole ” I’m a Barrister phase” is over, job applications are the next thing..Try going to your Pops and saying you need money to do “faaji/enjoyment” and see if they will not respond with ” Shebi you are a Barrister now..oya go and work now”. If you “jobbed” your parents,I strongly advise you to keep that money in an account somewhere because the job market is not smilling mate. Seriously, it isn’t. Congratulations to those who have been so fortunate to have already gotten a job..To those still looking, keep pressing on 🙂

Was it really worth it?

In summary, the entire law school experience was worth it for me. Every new thing has it’s up’s and downs but NLS was worth it. If you are going to Bwari, Abuja, you will hate it at first..maybe even at second. But once you have finished, I promise you will miss something about it. Even if it is the “Help” woman you employed that almost always forgets you told her to buy 5 pieces of meat with your Jellof Rice, but only came back with 1 meat and 1 fish!

To those who are already there and have court attachment coming up…Good luck with the language of courts – ” The Court is not sitting today”. Say no more.

Stay Beautiful guys..:)

Ciao bella


4 thoughts on “Nigerian Law School…The End, Part 3.

  1. Thanx. Just recently finished Bar Part 1 awaiting resumption for Bar 2. Thanks for an indepth “appraisal” of NLS Bwari and lol @ the Phillip comment. Not sure u are aware that there are 2 phillips now tho. All in all tho. Thanks for the awesome posts

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